Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Et tu transmission?

Not my transmission fortunately, but the big green bus tranny suffered yesterday during the Patapsco Epic apparently worse than many riders:

Other than this issue, it was a great day out at the Patapsco Epic 2015.  I did course marshaling at the 35/50 mile split.  Mostly successfully the yellow of the 35's was often hard to see differently than the red.  The 35 sweeps were a tad late so we didn't clear out till almost 130.  Then I rolled over to the start/finish at McKeldin area.  I talked with a few people and opted to ride out a bit.  Ended up doing the 15 loop which was awesome minus one sucky push/climb.

Got to hang out with lots of peeps afterwards and had AWESOME Taco's from a baltimore taco truck:  The Jolly Pig - http://www.thejollypig.com/

DAMN Good!

Then hung out more with XXL and Wicked Wash peeps before getting into investigating issues with The Mystery Machine/Big Green Bus.  Someone had taken the keys back to VA when it died.  So after many conflicting reports I narrowed it to Transmission or Powersteering.  I checked the transmission stick and it was dry though since it was on a slope I wasn't confident and it was some REALLY nasty dirty fluid that I thought was way to brown for transmission.  Eventually I got in-touch with Yawn and Helen and they headed up.  After a search for food, they arrived and we got down to checking it out.  After some futsing around we found the powersteering resevoir was nearly full.  uh oh.  Yep transmission fluid.

Jan opted to try and move it under power but no dice in reverse or forward.  Bad Sounds.  We eventually rolled it forward out of the road it was blocking to a utility company service site.  Ugh.

Today I skipped the ride to work so I could pickup breakfast food for the next 2 weeks and such.  Gonna be a busy few weeks of work and stuff.  Lots of projects pushing forward.

Almost had a moment of major weakness and almost test rode the new Trek Stache 7.  Bad Ass bike by looks for sure.  Really curious to try it but not in the financial cards right now.  Need to do rear brakes on the MTB and see about finding a replacement frojk as Dicky would say.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

More Rain?!?!? Go Away!

July has continued the generally rainy trend of June so far with I think over 5 inches of rain in some DC area's.  Typically for May and June are right around 4 inches.  That means at near 20 inches were really really really wet.  And more storms on the horizon.  Storms this evening and overnight and I can almost guarantee at 5-6PM tomorrow for the should be third week of W@W that will probably get pushed off again.

Shed/Gambrill ride this weekend kicked my butt.  My shoulders hurt Sunday and Monday.  Though some of that may have been the event on Sunday.

Early last week I started looking at some stats/idea's around Kill Bill 2015 ride and realized that without some serious water support this ride with 50-70 riders could take a bit longer than last year which finished at like 5 or 530.  So I started borrowing 5Gal water coolers and planned.  

So at 730AM on Sunday I went to safeway and bought 20 gallons of water and 40 lbs of ice.  And off to CVS I went.  The wrong CVS.  Made it to the right one with 30 mins to spare for the first stop.  Kathy Lewis and some others were there.  Kathy had a ton of water and gatorade!  And about 60 riders rolled in.  3 5 gallon coolers and tons of gallons of water went out.  And in 15 mins everyone was back out on the track.  I opted to restock at the giant with some more ice, soda, and cookies and chips.  Back out and about 30 mins later the group hit for stop 2.  Soda and snacks were a big hit and once again the group got back out on the road in about 15 minutes.  Next stop we were missing the 1st pass as it was only like 7-8 miles away but we made it for the 2nd stop.  Near Marymount U.  More water, ice, soda and snacks went out.  Things going well we were at mile 50'ish already for the riders and it was pretty early and still cool.  After some bad directions/gps Kathy and I hit the next stop at the CVS at Westmoreland/N Sycamore and setup.  20 mins later in comes the group.  More water, snacks etc.  First few people begin to falter but the main group is still going well.  Next stop is just before main Barcroft section.  I go pick up a part for a rider and head on. Should have gotten more water.  Next to last stop and it's finally getting warm at around 2pm.  All water is done.  Ride is off a few more people move to social ride cutting some of the worst out.  But still not many.  I go and get 14 more gallons of water, more coke, more ice and snacks for the final stop between barcroft and the return to falls church.  Made it with 10 mins to spare.  Riders are struggling now at 97 miles and just completing barcroft,  About 10 miles left with 2 big climbs.  Used tons of water and soda and snacks.  Social ride ends up at about 8 people.  MAin group leaves pretty quick, 2nd group leaves 10 minutes later after a longer break.

Final usage - 42 gallons of water, 110# of ice in drinking water, 30lbs for soda/pickles/etc.  4 12 packs of soda, 4 jars of pickles, 4 bags of chips, 4 sets of cookies.  5 jars of gatorade powder.  Not bad for a non-supported ride :)

Almost 40 riders finished of near 60.  Raised over $5k for charity.  Not a bad day.  Boy was I tired :)

Wimped on riding Monday but got back on today for the commute in.  Legs we tired but not bad hopefully they are ready for W@W tomorrow.  Though admittedly I'm debating riding in, with the thought it's gonna get cancelled again.

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Where did June go?

If someone finds June please return it to me so I can enjoy it again.

Not a bad month and in actuality it didn't pass super fast.  It was just busy between trailwork, racing, riding and helping people move.  I think thats what made the 1st half really blow by.

New position at work is still kicking my butt in someways, between that and final push to migrate our customers from our legacy system to the new one.  I'll be very glad once this is done.  Probably September though.

June was not a super high mileage month till last week when I had a 160+ miles, most of early june was spent moving people and mid June I was focused on Wakefield Trailwork.

Super stoked for another not too hot W@W this wednesday and then Thursday we've got WF TNR and Friday is an off day so I finally get to do an observance ride, a Gravel Grinder out in LoCo.

Made myself do a pile of errands on bike that I've been doing in car lately and it was fine and got in about 6 extra miles of riding.

Weather this month was crazy hot up till this last weekend when the storms cooled stuff down.  Yesterday and Sunday were beautiful, in the high 60's in the AM.  Today is a tad warmer but still not bad.  Hoping we stay cooler in July, and a tad drier.  Rainy Rainy month also.

Monday, June 15, 2015

A week after, A Year After, 5 Years and Friendship

Well a week after the run of doom, I'm glad to report by Friday I was back to full normal.  Thursday the legs were 90% better, enough that I dropped a TON of people on the Accotink section of TNR.  Ooops.

Did an awesome ride on Sunday and went from Falls Church to Potomac to Bethesda to Georgetown and back to FC.  42 Miles with some nice hills and some pushing of pace.  I'm crap at pace lining and couldn't hold onto the fast group so I took a tad easier and hung back with the girls up until Bethesda.  I'm still not comfortable blasting descents at 35+ mph either, but slowly improving my confidence.

Helped my roommate of 5 years move out to his new place he's sharing with his girl.  Weird to have 2 new roommates in less than 6 months.  But I'm stoked he and the SLF are doing as well as they are.  Moved tons of stuff and felt it in my back a bit again today.  Not lifting with my legs....naughty naughty.  Beyond my ex-wife and one other friend who I'm still in with, he'll be one of my longest friends and he'll always be one.  

We grilled out and watched GoT S5 finale last night.  Damn.  Still processing that for sure.  May need to re-watch it.  Felt bad for Cersi for maybe the 2nd/3rd time.  Reminded myself why humanity sorta sucks.  Then watched the Silicon Valley S2 finale and that was crazy.   Think I had server fire meets white walker dreams.

Last time this year my x-roomie and I talked about where we wanted to be in the next year and we've both definitely changed a few things.  Both of us changed positions in our org.  Both of us are doing better financially.  He's got a sirius SLF.  I'm still basically enjoying being single in many ways with a complete lack of general responsibility to another human.  I'm a bit less involved in the bike club but have idea's and drives for the future.  Gotta plan and execute a bit more this fall and see what I want to do next year.  Job stuff is improving.  Riding more with 132 gps'd/logged activities so far in under 180 days.  And that's huge considering I was at like 50 events in 90 days.  I'm on track to hit like 90+ in the last 90 days by end of June.  145?  150?  Fitness is increasing.  Looking forward to suffering in Kill Bill 2015 in mid july.  Would love to finish the century+ but even finishing metric distance would be HUGE.

Ommegong's Take the Black Stout last night was the PERFECT beer for that episode by the way.  Dark, bitter, and strong.  Really liked this 2nd bottle much better than the 1st I drank last year.  May have to try and find a bottle of this years red and have it at the end of next season.

The redone bike rack looks awesome.  Gotta get some photo's up.  And give props/reviews on the shop that did the cleaning and powder coating.

And maybe I'll jog tonight after I get home from work.  Maybe.

Monday, June 08, 2015

Running is a bad idea

Run, Running, 5k, 10k.

It's all a bad idea.  Especially if any of these items are on the list:

  1. Haven't done any training runs in 3 months or really any running.
  2. 4 Hours of Trailwork the day before
  3. Planning to help someone move an hour or two after a run/race
  4. A 5k Run =  a 5K Race.  duh
  5. You can't help but pushing to a comfortable pace
  6. You PR 3 times on a run with item 1 in effect
  7. You forget to take advil after the run
  8. Your heart rate spiked over your maximum
  9. Running when your really a cyclist
  10. You wimped out and walked for 3 minutes during the race instead of HTFU

Well so here's the deal.  I agreed/wanted to help a BikenetiCX teammate who had heart surgery to support the group who did the work as it is now something addressed typically in kids, not adults.

5K - Big Whoop, I've finished a Tough Mudder - 13 MILES.  Sure I didn't train at ALL for this but it's like 5K, I'll take it easy.

Nope 28:18 for 3.1 miles.  3 PR's and if I had not walked a few spots I could have finished down in the 25's.  I was 97th  but 9th in my age group.  At 25 I would have only been in the 50's overall and 7th in age group. Oh well.  Fastest guy did it in less than 18 mins.  Oy.

http://s3.amazonaws.com/media.racebx.com/transfer/gen/5/5/7/5574545b-e1d0-41de-9c0c-777cc0a86526/2015-Starkid-5k-Overall.htm# 1M

Legs are wicked sore.  I need to jog occasionally.  1x per week even 2-3 miles.  Oh well.

CX bike is back home and in rolling shape finally since Friday.  Got a 10 miler in Friday.  Might try and get a late ride in tonight to try and spin out legs so I can ride to work tomorrow.

On the flip side the road bike blew a spoke last week on the way home (1/10th of a mile out) and it's now taking a break after a month and change of relative high mileage.  But it really needs a new BB and possibly a new crankset.  le Sigh.

Hoping to get back into commuting and some mileage building this week.  Going to set a goal of 120.  Huzzah!

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Summer is coming.

Today we may actually hit 90 or more here in the DC area.  It's clear summer is coming, we've been mid-80's all week.  Though after today we should have some more mild day's in the 70's.

Been killing it on the bike. 126 mile last week even with 2 days "sorta" off.  Well Monday last week was my first non-ride day in like 36 days.  Legs needed it for sure.  Wednesday was unplanned off day due to meetings running me for near 14 hours that day.  So I rode 2x on Thursday.  Snuck in an awesome 20 miler in the AM then did 14 or so at Wakefield on the TNR.

Saturday was an epic'ish MTB ride for me with Maureen.  We did 25 miles in 3 hours rolling time of the SRT and Schaeffer.  Though by the end in SF I was suffering/tiring a bit.

Sunday I slept in then did a 45 mile ride to National Harbor and back.  Felt awesome.  Almost did an extra 20 but wanted to get some other stuff done.

Did maintenance on the Roadie.  Need to pick up a new dust seal for driveside of the FSA cranks sometime.  Adjusted rear-D successfully to much more smooth shifting/running.  Cleaned and lubed the seat post to prevent more seat post horror stories.  Also did a heavy clean/lube on the chain/rings/etc.  Though soon it will be time to replace the chain again.  Nearing .75 wear.  As a big dude I think I'm just hard on chains in my given riding style and history of failed chains.  I've broken a LOT of chains.  Capping with a double break last summer in Accotink at the Nova Epic and a third break as I escaped.  Then a very gentle ride home.

The break/failed chain pin on Ichigo 2 weeks ago causing the derailleur to be ripped off the hanger was the near end of my tolerance.  Going to make a real effort to monitor stretch, use, and such.  Also reminded me of why I hate Shimano chains and need to add a chain tool to my road kit.

Busy as hell the next 3 weekends at least between events and rides.  But that's good.

Now if only I could motivate myself to run some.

Thursday, April 30, 2015

It's Over?

#30daysofbiking is over?  Damn where did April go?

For me due to not planning on doing this meta-event I started a tad early so right now before I've finished for the day with possibly 2 more total events it feels odd, to consider I might not ride my bike tomorrow.  My streak currently stands at

33 Days in a Row.
40+ Hours in 33 days.  (I had a few issues where i forgot to restart GPS)
450+ Miles
38 Rides.

My short days typically were pretty quick 5 mile rides around the hood.  Not too many long rides yet this year I think I topped out in the high 40's.  Gotta push on THAT soon.  In fact might go BAT SHIT crazy and try Skyline drive Sunday.  As I said....batshit...

But at first when I was early in the streak, riding another 21 days straight seemed almost crazy.  But it wasn't.  It was mostly fun.  Minus the flat tire in the rain.  And destroying the rear half of my new CX bike's drivetrain.  

My new goal for May #31daysofsomething ie - Get Out and do SOMETHING for 31 days.  Bike.  Run.  Hike.  Trail work.  Yard work.  Circuits on the Nottoway Park fitness course.

I can tell my bike fitness has improved, especially since say February.  I'm riding better, easier and a bit stronger.  Now I want to build towards centuries and serious back roads rides.  I admit I'm a bit curious about how skyline may feel.  And terrified.  We shall see.

Racing on Saturday at Crystal City Phoenix Derby.  2 sets.  Solo obstacle Course at 3Pm and Team 4x at 4:30.  Might go nuts and do some trail work in the AM.  Very light TW.

Coffee replacement program is working VERY well so far.  Down to 2 soda's in the last 7 days.