Thursday, September 30, 2010

Putting Your Money where your Mouth Is.

Washington State Potato Exec goes on all spud diet for 20 days.
20 Plain Potatoes a day for 60 days

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Douthat 2010 Photos

Phil VW's Douthat 2010 photo set - Check out the last photo in the set of the camp lit up at night. Very cool!

Bob Caverly's Douthat 2010 photo Set

Douthat Finally, Part 1

Finally after 2 previous years of trying to make this event I finally made it this year. And it was a blast. But really for me Douthat started Thursday as I left work for the WF Night ride. Got out moderately early and put a 6 mile warmup in, then intending for a pretty mellow group ride we laid down at 12 mile casual ride. OOps. Unfortunately we had a rider on the un-sanctioned fast group go down with a compound fractured arm in the early part of the Boy Scout trail in Accotink. He's doing well now but will be off the bike for 3 months.

I bailed from WF Early to go home and prep food/gear for an early'ish departure to meet my ride to Douthat in Man-ass-ass. I got my potluck dish ready and hit the sack a bit late around midnight. Woke up at 7:15 ate some breakfast purchased a few final items, packed the cooler, loaded the car and headed to meet about 15 minutes late. We ended up leaving Manassas at a bit past 9:30 and we rolled solidly arriving just over 3 hours later in Douthat State Park. Hit the campground setup the tents and as we were putting our sleeping bags in El Jefe rolled up. We helped him setup and by 3 we were bored and decided to hit a quick ride even though it was stoopid hot (93'ish). So we climbed up out of the campground up to the trail head for mountain top/mountain side. After a quick discussion we hit mountain side! A bit in and I mishit a gullied turn and fell back/down a gully. Suck. Got back on and caught up with Dave and Jason who were waiting and wondering where I was. We finally crest mountain side and have a nice view. Off we go to brush hollow. Descend a bit then blam! Flat on the rear. Ugh. I change the tire and right as I get the new tube in and start to pump the guys ride back up.

And Mr.Murphy shows up - My new spare tube apparently has a pin hole leak to start with. Jason loans me his spare. In it goes. Pump it up. Way up. And off we go. A bit of a switchback climb to the overlook. Another Great view northwards. We roll on and start the quick and epic brushy hollow descent. Damn fun! Meet up with the guys at the bottom and start rolling some little rocky stuff, stream crossings mostly. Blam! ARGH! Outa tubes and don't feel like patching. Start pushing the bike. Catch up to Jason and Dave near the swinging bridge near the road. I send em on and push back to camp. 2 miles later MOBL rolls by and sag wagons me the last half mile back to camp! My garmin track till my 2nd flat, Here!

Turns out lots of people had problems on Friday with flats. I know I talked with several other people during the weekend who had 2 on either Friday or Saturday. I used up all my patches and had to borrow some from Jen B to finish patching Ssturday morning.

Camp that night was a blast, we hung out, talked bikes, riding places, and had a good time. I passed out in my tent around 11:30 or so. Put my headphones in and was asleep even with being in one of the central camps in 20 mins or so!

Saturday was a better day :)

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Growing Pains

Everytime you upgrade gear or move to a new bike you have to expect some growing pains. Mine hit last night at WF. A short preride followed by a late start, I was climbing the access trail the powerco uses to the top of the berms and while powering up a next hill section: KAPOW! The chain blew out. After the long walk back to the car I tried a 10spd sram power link and a 9speed. The 10 was too short and the 9 speed would have fit but the rivets were too tight.

So off to TheBikeLane in burke I went this morning around 10:30. Took it in and the mech looked at the chain and promptly tossed it in the bin. After a quick exchange decides to go with the KMC X10SL - Nice chain. And since it was so soon after I got the bike I got it at cost. A much better chain! Sweet.

Picked up some perpetuem for the big ride day at Douthat.

Now I have to figure something out for the potluck dinner on Friday.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Fountain Head Revisited

Went out to FH today after picking up a new saddle at TBL. Much better, I think it's the same one as on my giant. My problem I had today was that I think I need some bigger/fatter grips and to move the break levers in a bit more. going down the rough/steep stuff I was KILLING my hands holding on.

Also tried out one of the new garmin edge 500's. It dropped about 1.4 miles of the course making me look even SLOWER than I was.

Fountain Head Mid Day by atlantis.rob at Garmin Connect - Details

As I was entering for my 2nd lap I realized that I'd passed a mother-daughter set in the lot who were obviously not expect what FH really was so I cut my lap short popping back up the exit and down the first bit again where I met up them about 3/10ths of a mile in and they were turning around. i helped them out a shortcut and gave them directions to laurel hill and suggest wakefield also. Oy vey.

On the way home poor ole carney had problems and I think the rear driver side is messed up as even with the parking break on I could turn the wheel, vs the passenger side held fast.

Friday, September 17, 2010


Last night was a weird weather night. On the way to WF I drove thru at least 2 different storm bands of moderate intensity where traffic slowed and everyone's wipers were on high. However it appears those bands never crossed the Wakefield area. Surprising because one was up near Mason on Braddock Rd. So I called in a cancellation to a coworker who also rides. He posted on forum. Once I parked and looked around at WF I saw that anything under trees was still bone dry and even the wettest of gullies was really only Tacky.

Ended up with 5 riders out. I took out on new night rider and Delmar led out 2 other guys. We didn't ride for super long but it was nice to get out and till the rain started picking up at 7:40'ish it was pretty nice riding. By 8 the canopy was dripping and trails were starting to move towards slightly wet from a nice level of Tackyness. My bike only really got dirty in those last 20 minutes. Oh well.

Accotink was reported to be "GREAT" by Mike P's group. It was nice not to be running into tons of other cyclists out for a change. We passed Dylan 2x and I saw MP's group pass once near 7:35 as they chugged up the CCT/Creek Trail towards phase 1. The XR's held better on the damp logs/etc than I thought they would. Probably 12 miles I think between my short preride and the small group ride. That puts me at about 50 miles on the new bike and I love it more each time. And for the week I'm near 42 I think. Not bad. Going to try and ride maybe tomorrow and sunday after work.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

1000 Words

From just before last weeks first ride. I also found I can mount the battery/seatbag under the seat and the cords still reach. +1!!!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Final Word- Weather

The weather this time of year is amazing for riding here in DC. Sure it getting dark around 7:40 sucks. But the temps, lack of rain, and clear skies lead to some amazing riding. I love the sensation of the cool air moving past, the smell of the semi moist earth, the half moon in the sky and the crickets chirping. I intend to enjoy the hell out of this fall if I'm in town.

2nd Ride Thoughts

Blasted around Accotink from 5:30 till 7:30'ish. By Myself till around 6:45 when I met up with El Jefe, RickyD and tuba who were riding up the fire road. I hung off the tail of there group the rest of the evening. Tuba was a bit off form and the group ran a bit slower than normal I'm sure but it still pushed me hard to try and hang. i need to ride better :) Less braking. More fitness also. But still felt decent.
could pushed myself harder. next time.

Tuba tore a sidewall out of his racing ralphs so an emergency repair sucked up about 15 minutes I figure while he booted the tire, put in a tube and stuff. He rode it the rest of the evening no problem. I was impressed.

Trails were in best shape I've seen in a while due to last Sunday's rain. Hope the Thursday night rain holds till post ride.

Must gotten in 20 miles or more. That puts me in a decent 27 at least for the week. May try to do a partial ride in tomorrow. We'll see.

Oh and the seat HAS TO GO! Its killing my ass! And my magic shine cord fits fine using the seat bag to hold the battery! that is awesome! Moved in brakes and shifters helped a ton also. Might need to adjust the angle a bit more of the controls. Bikes got a solid 32 miles so far and it's super sweet.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Light Weekend

Let up a bit this weekend, should have pushed and done a ride Saturday but I was lazy and really hoping/saving myself for Sunday morning at Fountain Head. Alas it rained in the AM enough that our organization master cancelled. I spent a lazy day cleaning, doing the whites, and COOKING like a FOOL (did a huge batch of bob flay style fajitas). It was awesome, just grilling takes so much more time on charcoal with prep/etc. Oh well can't win em all. The sun in the afternoon shoulda gotten me going but I wanted to get started cooking/eating early. It was awesome to be done with dinner by 7.

Finished up watching a bunch of LOTR on TNT till 10 or so but was wiped out and went to be before the big battle of doom!

Rode partially into work today to get some activity in. Realized 1 problem with the older bike already. I think the setback seatpost needs to go. My knee acted up on it within nearly no time. Felt the difference in my power/stroke. Need to do a good bit of work to that bike anyways.

Tuesday back at WF to get my official Trail Monitor paperwork done hopefully nearly a year and a half after starting it.

Also had a good new to me IP from Mendicino Brewing Co, White Hawk IPA I think it was. Nice nose, good balance. I think it was $9 at Giant. 7% ABV.

Friday, September 10, 2010

A few Tweaks and it will be ready

Shakedown was last night. It was a damn good first ride. The beast climbs like a mountain goat, and it does roll over stuff that slowed the old bike a lot, I rolled right across a rock garden in Accotink that had frustrated me for a Very Very Long time. (well a few weeks of trying and failing). Descending is a blast, and as I make a few small adjustments it will get better. And the 3x10 is actually pretty cool. I think I spent more time in the 2nd ring than I have in a while as I did end up in 2x2 (32x34) a few times to make climbs I'd previously granny'd on.

Blasting around Wakefield was a riot, I was really letting the bike go on the powerlines and it blazed thru.

I'm feeling very happy about the new bike. Picture soon.

Issues -
Brakes and shifters need to be moved in on the bar. To grip the brakes the way I like my damn hands were almost halfway off the bar!
Gotta drop some air out of the tires and see if they're a bit more stable. So far I'm holding my opinion on the Bonty XR's.
Seat - I like the seat in some ways but it feels too wide.

Thursday, September 09, 2010

It's like......

comparing a .22 to a 30-30 or maybe a 30-06. 5.56 vs 7.32. It's the smallest changes that can make the big difference. Tonight we shall see how things go. :)

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Get out and Push!

With the onset of nicer weather and a kick in the pants from my scale I'm getting more motivated in my riding. Today was my 3rd ride in a row. 13 more miles pushing me to 36 since Sunday Morning. That puts me at probably 52 since Thursday. This is probably my best week since the early summer in June I think. Now if I can hold and work in some longer rides.

Nice ride today at WF. I did the WHOLE bowl on my preride for a change. It was great and not overly dry like the rest of Wakefield seems. Then did Accotink as part of Matt's small casual++ group. We got in a nice run over there hitting some stuff in a neat order. If only I remembered trails better over there. Oh well. Season there is rapidly winding down for the regular ride. By the beginning of October it will probably mean an early group if people want to hit it for more than 15 or 20 minutes. And really by 15 till 8 lights are really almost necessary! SUCKS!!!!!

Riding is Good

Got out again for some light trail riding with Jen and rode down the canal/towpath to G-town. Pizza Paradisio was closed, but we went down the the inner harbor and hit a places called Founding Farmers I think. Very tasty, good beer. Good fish taco's. Win! Not a bad day for working 4 hours.

Might hit wake again tonight. Dunno got see how the day goes. It's supposed to be a good bit warmer today and tomorrow so I may wait. hmm.

Sunday, September 05, 2010

New Section at Fhell

Did a ride at Fountain Head today it was a great day for a ride. A ton of riders transitioning in and out as I arrived. I never got passed by anyone and I did pass one guy.

The new section will be a hoot as it beds in. The upper half already is the lower/first part will take time, but its good trail in that it makes you work. Much nicer to do than the section of woodpecker it bypasses for sure. 8.6 miles today. Very cool. Wanted to do a 2nd lap but a lack of snacks did me in and I bailed home for cookout action.

It was a Guadalajara. Steak, Corn, Asparagus, Broccoli, Salad, Baked Beans, and Garlic Bread, Pasta also. And good beer. Damn good day off.

New bike on Tuesday or Wednesday perhaps.

Facing a work trip to England for 2 month straight. Gotta start some riding research. I know there are places that run year round there also. I'm sure their north of london however. Grrr.

Friday, September 03, 2010

New Month

Well September is looking up in part at this point as temps finally seem to be ready to drop after I think 61 or 62 90+ degree days this summer versus like 30'ish the last few years.

Had a good ride out yesterday at Wake-o-tink. Punga and I rode WF for 4 miles of warm up and that was solid fun, then did a fair amount of Accotink including the new trail in reverse. Pretty fun but one tight section where I almost hugged a tree. Damn it gets dark early now. I always forget I have better night vision then average when several riders start complaining it's too dark 15 minutes before I need lights at all. Oh well. We rode out a bit early but it was fine. Ended up loosing a few people as the ride went on till it was me and 1 other guy doing the power lines in reverse, and the race course section of the creek trail in reverse. Think I totaled out near 16-17 miles.

Todd swears the new bike is allocated and will arrive and be ready maybe Tuesday probably Wednesday. I'm stoked and impatient as hell.

IN unstoked news my breakfast habits are hitting me negatively and I weighed in post ride at 198. Not good. So I'm going back to watching my intake a bit of what I eat. I want to be regularly 195. That usually leaves me post big ride 193'ish.

Nice weather this weekend should help I'm planning a big ride I think sunday at fountain hell. Gotta check out the new section.