Monday, November 29, 2010

Fountain of frustration

I admit, I'm suffering from minor frustration at fountain head. I think the best fix would be to ride it more often. I felt like on the 2nd lap I was taking better lines and riding the place better. But I was cold and tired by the 2/3rds way through the 2nd lap. I will try to get out there more than 1 time a month is my new goal or 1 time every 2 months.

Had a Farmhouse ale for Thanksgiving from a somewhat new brewery, unfortunately the name has slipped my mind. Nice balance of hop and malt, but with the definite flavor from the belgian yeast strain. One big boy of it almost did me in.

This weeks weather is looking like crud for rides, today and Thursday. Or if anything Thursday may be the next edition of the Counter Clockwise Thing. Joy :)

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Rocky Rockland Farm

Hit Rockland Farm last night for the first time. You may know it as that place that Plum Grove holds those crazy bike races like SnotCycle and Bakers Dozen, etc.

It's a neat place, not much elevation, but a fun place to ride. The pine tree section along the front and back towards Whites Ferry is a BLAST! I did this section 3 times as I got separated from my group helping a few people and then didn't know I just needed to turn right at the fence and head up across the farm. Oh well, I enjoyed working on the "Stunts" in the beginning.

Once I found a group that knew it's way around I rode with them the rest of the way. Was behind a woman for a while, and trying to be helpful but I think being behind her was making her nervous so eventually I took the hint and passed her. Some nice rock piles and stuff out there and working your speed could be real fun.

The course in some area's was a bit slick due to the light rain. Keep thinking I should order up some Nokians. Just in case for SnotCycle.

After wards enjoyed some brews and talked a ton with people. Very cool. I opted against the donuts as only 1 or 2 were left and a few people were still finishing. Might have to pick up some of those for the long weekend here at work.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Black Rock Mill Trail

Did a quick pre-ride with Neil of a bit of Schaeffer before we went and toiled on the BRM Trail. It was nice to be back out at Schaeffer. I think that was my first trip this year honestly, with the snows staying till late and how crazy the spring and summer was I never made it up there. I'm hoping to hit it at least 1 more time after the first managed hunt but before it closes for the year.

The Black Rock Mill trail is going to offer some great views in the winter! It covers some REALLY rolling ground. We found an old house foundation the park was at least partially unaware of while examining an old car. Cool stuff. We benched and clear a quarter mile in one direction up to an old wooden bridge. Then we went the other way and did a major bench up off an old trail bed getting a nice 4 foot wide tread that required in some spots near 2 feet of material removed. We then went on further and helped cut another hundred yards of trail of low to moderate bench.

Felt good to get out and work. A bit sore today but nothing like after my previous trail day. No hauling big ass rocks I think is the main reason why.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Rolling On!

Nice night for riding last night. Lots of sticks down and 3 trees I found between Accotink and Wakefield. Trails were moderately dry if they were at all elevated. And stuff out in the sun/wind was even pretty dry like most of the powerline trails.

It was a nice 15 Miles or so altogether. A few trees down in Wakefield. Didn't see any in Accotink but I didn't quite ride the FULL set of trails.

Monday, November 15, 2010

DC Fatty's

While at Laurel Hill yesterday I saw a fellow Fat Cyclist in an Orange Jersey, I was sporting the stylish Classic Pink, 1st Ed.

I think we may need to start up a local Fat Cyclist chapter. I'm tired of just hearing about these Philly's or San Joser's, etc.

What a week

The last week's weather has been just on the high side of un-seasonably warm. And very very nice, caping out yesterday with near 70 at Laurel Hill.

I did 24 and change on the GPS. My calculations show there that it's only about 10% lossy on those trails, so about 26 miles. 2 Very nice 11 mile laps. Though on the last lap near the end I did a section of dairy farm trail loop I hadn't done in a while and got whacked by a damn thorn bush. 4 or 5 nice scratches. It's on my list for death now. Then in a fit of brilliance I decided to check out the overlook trail. Worse, tons of thorns and brambles and almost go through one face first. The pipeline work kept me from riding fully out to the overlook so I dismounted and walked over. Neat view, got a few camera phone pictures, we'll see how they turned out tonight.

On the way back I dropped the bike off for a service/checkup and Jay at TBL burke was all over me for not having both the front and rear skewers not tightened enough. Oops and that the rear wheel cups were loose, and I hadn't brought it in. Only needs a rebuild due to contamination. Also finally picked up a new 2.25 Ardent to swap on to replace the bulging AC-X junker in the rear. Should be done today but I dunno if I'm going to head out. Tuesday we are supposedly getting rain also. UGh. Depends on when I get done with work. Shit though I didn't charge the batteries so I don't think I'll be night riding tonight. ahhh well. While looking at stuff yesterday I also realized I'm right around 350 or so miles on the new bike in 2 months. Thats about half a years worth of riding or so normally.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Beers of Note

Had a good urthel last night at Quary house. Nice and dark with a flemish hint.

Last weekend's beer, the Kapuziner was top notch. A very solid and standard Hefe Weizen. Very smooth, and the yeast flavor was minimal (I didn't swirl it).

The SAM 48 Deg IPA is really nicely hopped, decent nose and nice finish.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Warm and COLD!

Good week for riding so far, I got out of work nice and ontime'ish Tuesday and Thursday. On Tuesday I hit accotink first and was riding by 4:30'ish. Thursday I was wheels rolling at 4:15. Made a good ride out and to the damn in just under 20 minutes on thursday. Then did a slightly longer route back in about the same. Then did the Gas Station loop and finished. Tuesday was not as good. :)

Tuesdays WF loop with the OBW crew was rough for me, I felt played out a lot of the ride and slow! Punched a tree in phase 4 ugh, hurt like hell. We finished by 8 so it was a pretty short ride.

Thursday was better but by the end I was tired as hell and in my little ring. Not fun. Did cover probably about 9-10 miles on the ride. With around 17 total for the day.

What was weird was both days at the start I was only wearing minimal kit on the Accotink section (with Endura Knickers), but as soon as the sun drops out I'm frickin freezing. Added a tech layer, and a fleece at WF.

I always question my sanity this time of year.

Hoping to do some distance at Laurel Hill on Sunday, since I haven't gotten a good long ride in a while. Then I'll drop the Paragon off at TBL for a very needed tune up and some other stuff.

Also picked up some Lat 48's from Sam Adams - Very nice.

Sunday, November 07, 2010

Another TrailWork Done

Had a big project yesterday with a rather burly re-route of the CJ trail entrance off Democracy. Should have some pictures soon. But it was a lot of work and I only had 4 others show up versus the original 16 that became 10 that were supposed to be there.

The bigger brush/old logs were supposed to have been pre-cleared by the parks dept but weren't so that took a lot of wrestling, cutting and extra work.
Also we didn't have a ton of hill to work with and so we had to build some water bars and hauling those big rocks down and up the hill sucked. Also hauling tools sucked, may try and get a bob trailer eventually. Turned out pretty well but the exit to the bridge will require more work in the spring I suspect and there is a lot more reclaiming work to be done on the old trail. I stayed after the group left and planted a tree and bermed up the top so water hopefully won't run down the trail. We'll see. I may take a weekday off and go work on it in a few weeks. Riders like it in some ways, others missed the fun old descent. Shades of Fountain hell.

Photo's by Neil of Trailwork

Today is my first non-riding Sunday but the flesh is simply too sore for doing something llke the EF figure 8 of hate. Maybe I'll go look for a digital camera today. I'm tired of not having my own photo's.

Had an awesome german hefe with dinner last night. Review to come!

Thursday, November 04, 2010

Rainy Day

Damn once it started last night I don't think it's really stopped raining all night.

Discharge on Accotink Creek is up 5x over mean, and the water level is 1.5 times higher and I bet it gets more later. (2ft vs 3ft right now)

Accotink Creek

Ordered a set of Moose Mits yesterday they'll be here in a week or two, hopefully they do the trick this winter so I don't end up like Chef Tony and have 9 fingers.

Monday, November 01, 2010

Rosey get your Guns

Went to Rosaryville and road with Pete and Sean on Sunday turning in 3.6 laps (1/3 lap then turned around). It was a ton of riding for me and on 2 of the laps we were pushing pretty hard, but due to flubs with start/stop on the garmin I didn't log the full laps. Only my third lap was fully logged and I was already half cooked on it, and still turned in a 63 minute lap with stopping for walkers/other riders and talking to a few of them.

Strange day weather wise, i ended up being WAY overdressed and was cooking half way thru the first lap and ended up just wearing my jersey, having removed my vest and fleece. It's always weird to see STEAM coming off you.

Was cooked after all that and had a few nice cramps in the afternoon/evening.

Weathers looking crap-tacular for Thursday so I'm planning on hitting WF on Tuesday. With 35'ish yesterday I'm right around 200 or so for the month of October. Pretty frickin epic for me. I know some guys out there are turning that in a week or weekend, but for a guy who previously had been lucky to lock 60-80 a month that's a ton.