Monday, February 28, 2011

Rolling Around Town

Got in a great ride with a bunch of folks from LORO on Sunday. Chris and I rode from Spokes in Vienna to the East Falls Church metro station and met up with them. We then rode down to National Harbor in MD using the WO&D, 4 Mile Run Trail, and the Mt. Vernon. 42 miles for me. My legs were cooked when I was done. Random cramps last night while relaxing if I overly stretched my legs in one specific way. No night cramps though so that's cool.

Weather is looking better this week, might be able to ride trails by Thursday again. Hmmm.

I was planning on a Sunday Fountain Head Casual but it seems no joy rain in the forecast. Maybe I can slip in a morning one or the weather will shift out another day. hahahah.

Need to take some TLC on the giant tonight. its a frickin rusted mess. I feel terrible.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Toast....Milktoast.... Expanded

3 Days in a row success. 25 miles tonight. that puts me at 45 this week. Might try a commute in tomorrow or saturday. Felt good up till the last 20 mins tonight when my ass started complaining. But with 2.5 hours of saddle time I'm not surprised.

Wakefield was not in good shape for riding in most area's. Maybe Saturday. Probably Sunday.

It was a beautiful night for riding, I think the entire ride it averaged around 57 degrees. We had several sections where we had to run dark and it was a blast. Can't beat weather like this, a nice taste of spring. This next week we have a bit of a roll back towards normal of 30-50 range stuff. But still better than the crap in January/Dec of 15 to 30.

Updated - I was falling down tired when I first posted this last night. Or perhaps a better analogy was the lawn mower, my ass and grass. Regardless I was a zombie almost.

Today the legs are a bit tired, I didn't ride in as I woke up late and had to drop a friends extra key set off at his work. But with the weather on tap tonight I am going to get out and do a few miles just to loosen the legs up. And I'm hoping to commute in tomorrow morning.

Also in my Blame Rich Dillen segment I'm blaming RD for ruining America by providing me with the link to:

The Fucking Weather

Thanks Rich!

BBQ with a side of Mud

Tuesday I did another out and back on the WO&D this time managing to LOG the whole thing on the gps. We also did the single track at the area, but really shouldn't have in retrospect. Large sections of ice and mud were present. As it was all on northern facing slopes that's not too surprising. On the way back we hit Carolina Brothers BBQ and picked up some smoked goodness to go. Both the beef and pork are top notch! No sauce required.

Last night was my first MORE BOD meeting as staff. Went a bit long but we had a lot of ground to cover and got most things done. Some good points, and some points requiring thought. Accidentally semi-volunteered to co-organize the MORE Summer Party. Fortunately venue is already mostly set and organized for a great price (FREE). Some where in MD is all I will say for this year.

I need some idea's for kid friendly stuff. That seems to be one of the BIG Complaints from previous years. Some people were saying a moon bounce would be good, others were saying bike stuff for the kids, cause we might as well start brainwashing, errr reinforcing good things like cycling early. Putting together some short loops, or maybe an unofficial kids race or two were mentioned. Or skills stuff.

Pre meeting I worked out work frustration at Accotink. Quiet a bit was ok, but also some was walking only. Say 60 good/40 bad. El Jefe reported the bowl was not very good. I'm thinking today may be a mix of CCT/etc. I think by Saturday trails may be ok. We'll see.

Thursday, February 10, 2011


Well I got out of the slave labor camp at work at a decent time considering the full on CF that was work. I want to send out a special FU to all the script kiddies and makers of various malware.

Hit Accotink around 5pm or so, the entrance from Danbury Forrest to Boy Scout was a half inch to inch of compressed sheet ice. With a frosting of snow. No way I made it up that. Rode up a ways on a side road and entered and nearly ate it twice. After figuring out the sides of the trail were safe I scooted into Accotink trails proper. Gas CO had been out in force sawing out some trees obviously. But still tons of little shit and non main trail stuff down, just in the front half. co,ldn't make it to the 2nd half due to ice on shaded south/easterly trail side stuff. Saw flags for the new section of trail. The part put in last fall is starting to burn in a bit.

After wards went to Wakefield and slipped in a nice preride before the main ride. Late start due to a few late arrivals..cough..Steve...cough.... Small group in casual but I bet we may have covered almost as much distance as intermediate. We did 7 miles. Rocked out most of the bowl. Rusted Truck. Race Course in reverse 495 section to the ascent hill. Phase 2, Berms, top half of phase 1. Part of phase 4. Race course creek trail. Creek Trail to half way and out. And more stick removal than I've even seen. Mike pulled out 4 sticks from his drive train in 100 yards at one point.

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

A Wee Breeze

Got out and road with Chris after work up the WO&D for about 6 miles. Crazy mix of wind on the way out. Slogging along on the fat tires was a hard bit of work. Especially being off the bike for almost 3 weeks. UGH. The way back was fun though. We rolled back in a LOT less time. Saw a few joggers and a few commuters out. Maybe 6. Sure it wasn't single track, but you take what you can get. I wish this damn snow would finish melting.

Next time I plan to hit that BBQ place along the way for sure!

Uh...yah.. I know all about this one.


Friday, February 04, 2011

Whats a bike?

I sure as hell don't know at this point. I really need to plan out a purchase of a road bike for times like now.

The giant has been living on the back of the car for the last week and it shows. The chain is orange. The rear rotor is showing a bit of orange. Ugh.

Damn rust.

Plenty of beer going around lately. Went to the Whole Foods Beer Class last night. Big Beers for the big game. 12 Big Beers. 5 IPA's. 2 Barley Wines, and 5 other beers. Damn good but damn I was a bit hammered by the time I got home. Realized I drank around 24 to 30 OZ. I would say 2 to 3 Oz pours. With ABV's ranging from 6 to 10 and change I calculated I drank around 2 to 2.5 7% beers which is like 4 or 5 crap beers. In about an hour and change.

Afterwords I glorped up 2 more bottles of Terrapin Side Project 13 - Big Daddy Vlady's Russian Imperial Stout, and another bottle of New Hollands Night Tripper! Hell ya!