Sunday, March 17, 2013

Top Fuel Madness

Down in Orlando for a few days, hanging with the family.  Finished semi-fixing the old Giant and have ridden around a few times on some short errands to the bar and for food.  It kinda sucks as the fork is shot I look at it and it compresses from 20 ft away.  I also realize that I need a shorter stem to.  It's also re-inforcing that I've bought my bikes to large, there is a reason why I love my 56cm cross bike.  I think my next mtb will be a large.

Went to Gatornationals today with pops and some friends, damn good races.  Got a bit of sun.  Walked about 4.5 miles around looking at cars, checking out stuff for sale, looking at the skanky race girls trying to sell cars, RC cars, etc.   Good racing, nitro in the air. Zoom!  Top speed I saw today was 326 and change.  Not bad for 1000 ft.

Been hitting WOB a bit.  Had some good stouts yesterday, lead by Evil Twin's Yin.  Damn good.  Also Widmers Russian Imperial Chocolate Stout.

Friday, March 08, 2013


The big snow of 2012-2013 turned out to be a big flub.  Sure out in Chantilly area I think we got 8 inches but by the time I left due to the damp/rain I think we were down to 4, and with 55 degrees the next day we are down to piles in parking lots mostly. 

The CCT North last night was wet but not as bad as I thought.  Accotink creek was definitely flowing strong though. 3 of us did a quick ride up and back.  Enjoyed a pitcher of beer and chips.  Good ride for sure, but not very exciting. 

Going to shoot for a big ride on Sunday. Maybe a mountain bike ride on Monday since I'm off and we'll have 3 days of 60+ weather, hoping for dry trails!

Friday, March 01, 2013

Here comes #4

This is only my 4th blogpost this year so far, not really a big deal either way, but compared to last year, I find I have not as much free time.  I'm definitely WAY more active in 2013 then 2012.  I've got a couple big things on the horizon this year:

Big Ride Week in late April for Man Camp 2013 in NC.
Half Marathon in June
Tough Mudder in October. 

So I've been pushing myself to get out and be more active.  And it hasn't been hard in many ways, but it also hasn't always been fun.  Doing those 11 miles on Monday sucked.  Last night my legs were not at power either, till near the end.  Though with my schedule this week, it's no wonder I'm a bit down, I'm at 43 hours as of right now and by the end of Saturday I should hit 60 hours.  Getting up at 3:35 the last 3 days has been hell.

February 2013 I hit 16 activities for 222 miles, up  from 13 and 155 miles in January.  Versus last year I had 16 activities for 176 miles in January and Febuary vs 29 for 374.  I'd like to hit 250 in March but it may be hard with going home for a week.  Though I now have my old beater Giant down there.  I will get SOME riding in. 

Tommorow brings me lots of options - Sleep in and eat a big ole breakfast, get up early and go ride the Shjed/Gambril loop from Sand Flats, or go do some trailwork at Meadowood with Doug V.

New MORE Event for April 4 (Thursday).  We are doing screening/fundraiser at Arlington Draft House for Reveal the Path.  Mike Dion's film from 2012 following some great riders in some amazing locations.  I've already purchased my tickets (1 for me, and 1 for someone else).

Still thinking about a BIG mtb trip this summer in June/July.