Thursday, February 26, 2009


Brooklyn Black Chocolate Stout - Nice, super smooth, rich with a nice level of bitterness and not super sweet at all. Tasty and moderately strong. At least after having sushi a half hour before.

Birra Moretti La Rossa - Nice beer ultimately from Heineken. Nice rich matliness with a nice bit of hop finish that keeps it from being too sweet. Definitely a session able beer, my FatherInLaw picked this up and we enjoyed a bit. Strong too 7.5% ABV. A nice Italian double boch.

The wyf is out of town this weekend till Sunday afternoon and after payday friday I'm looking forward to picking up some tasters and riding my bike a TON.


Friday, February 20, 2009

Wakefield Thursday Night Ride

Last night was another WF TNR. Alas, it was too soft at the normal start time for any trail riding so we spun out for 50 on the CCT. It was a good ride, though small only 4 of us for most of it. We kept a pretty stead but slow pace due to moderate headwind on the way out. The way back we stopped to do a hill that was a pretty good spin up and busted my lungs WAY Tooo Much. I gotta build more base miles!

On the way back we hit the Creek Trail, the lower half of phase 4 to the lower half of phase 1 and out Salamander. Good times.

It was sooo windy. PLB's and PLBE's were enjoyed before we departed for kilroy's.

One of the guys on the ride who is home brewer is going to hopefully hook me up with the plans for a simple cheap chiller for lagering/summertime brewing.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Lotso Beer and a bit of Biking

Beer first I must say. Lots of recent trials and a few acquisitions.

At Whole Foods Lake Fairfax I finally tried Dale's. Nice! Smooth and crisp with nice hop balance. Not overly hopped and a nice bit of malt. Good head also. Excellent with the BBQ. Though I refuse to pay the $10 or whatever a 6 pack in cans. F-That.

Saturday - Brasserie Beck - Vday dinner sponsored by El Wyf! She hooked me up with an excellent dinner and we each drank 2 big belgians. Super nice!
I drank -
Rochefort 10 - Wow nice and dark and smooth. Super malty with nice hints of raisins plums and such. Bottled.
GuldenDraak - Damn nice. Draft from Keg. - Dark and malty also but less fruit than the Rochefort, a bit sweeter though it went very well with dessert. Hints of hops also cut the sweet at the finish, a bit. Pleasant long finish.
Wife had
Kwak - Bottled to interesting wooden handled glass thing. This earns points alone. Smooth and dark, with light fruit hints. Not as heavy as my 2 beers.
Damn can't remember her 2nd. But it was good. Edit later....:)
Check out there website at Brasserie Beck

Sunday - The Gordon for some crazy high end super nice cocktails. Then we hit Ulah for dinner and I had a Leffe Brune and it was super good with everything. Smooth and tasty.

I picked up a big bottle of Troegs Nugget Necktar and am looking forward to trying that and a big bottle of Weyerback Slam Dunkel, a double dunkelweizen to share with the wyf.

LAst week was a total fitness BUST. However I'm back on the bike, Sunday I hit black hills and suffered horribly. It's really embarrassing. A week of the bike and my legs went into total rebellion. So I punished them at the gym on monday doing a mix of box jumps, upper body and then road the upright cycle doing intervals for 40 mins. Today I got back out and rode Cabin John between Democracy and Tuckerman Ln. It was better than Sunday fro sure and my legs felt better, but I need to keep pushing more, and get out and just do some stupid mileage on the canal on Mondays. Alas I'm working next monday it appears.

Part of me is suicidally tempted to prep for riding up in Fredrock tommorow. We'll see, depends on weather and if I can entice any pokey riders out. Time to shower and make some dinner.

Monday, February 09, 2009

Cabin John Trailwork Day March 29

Cabin John Trailwork Day - March 29, 2009 - Sunday.

Come out and help us finish the bridges, to complete the re-route started this fall/winter series, between Tuckerman Rd and Goya Drive.

More info to come!

Friday, February 06, 2009

The Metal Lives

Just won a free download of the Metallica show from 1.15.2009 that I was a bit bummed out to miss due to some good friends getting married. But now I have a free copy of the show! That ROCKS!

HAD A SUPER COLD ride last night at wakefield. Ended up with 14 miles with the pre-ride included. Super frozen grown, but the powerlines/phase 2 is a disaster. RUTS RUTS RUTS! Argh.

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Beers Whitelist

New Beers I've tried and enjoyed in the last weekend or so.

Bell's Kalamazoo Stout - Draft - WF Fairfax - Nice smooth and with a nice mid level body. Very tasty.

Victory Moonglow Weizenbock - Dark Wheat at 6.8abv makes this baby potent but nice and smooth. A bit too sweet for non-wheat beer aficionados. I liked it enough that I picked up a 6, and already drank 1.

Peak Epresso Amber Ale - Nice and esspresso flavor, without the stout or porter level of strength/body. I'm curious to hear my wife's opinion soon.

Tried to ride yesterday at CJ but it was more of an ICE path than a trail. And if I waited to the afternoon I'm sure other parts became a mud bog. Not for me. So I hit the gym in the afternoon for a half hour of intervals on the bike and some weight work.

Danny and the Demoncycle - VA Bike safety ala 1972