Friday, May 16, 2008


New components retrieved from the homebrew shop. Soon the next beer will be underway, and I'm stoked. It'll be a partial mash, but the recipe is fast and loose and i'm curious to see how it turns out.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008



That is the defining number of this month. No, not my mileage (Thankfully, more like 37'ish). No, that is the amount of rain for the month so far, with a regular AVG of 4.42 inches. Oh. Once again we've doubled our monthly average, and this time in under half a month. FUXOR!!!!

More brewing on the horizon, looking at maybe starting planning for the Dunkelweizen officially tonight and maybe try brewing sunday or monday.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

The Cure

Saw the Cure last night at the Patriot Center out at GMU. First show of their new tour, for their new album out Tuesday. This was a rescheduled show from last september, when they wrapped their tour early.

We missed most of the opening act, only getting a quick peek in at them before their set ended. We got J at T-shirt, but damn that was expensive. Picked up some snacks and the show started around 9:10. The main show went for almost 2 hours, a lot of their more radio popular stuff during the main show with some new stuff, but we didn't know much of it as j and I both hadn't really listened to any new cure since wish in 93'ish. They then took a long break before the first encore, we almost thought they weren't gonna come back out. After 5 mins they did. They ended up doing 3, 4 song, encores. The final one was awesome and ended on Killing an Arab. Great show, they played for 3 hours almost and at the end. RSmith at the end thanked the crowd that stayed and said they enjoyed their first tour night and blah blah blah. Can't remember really. I'm pooped, on about 4 hours of sleep now at work.

Maybe more later. If not, oh well. We've got a friends birthday tonight and Radiohead in the rain probably tomorrow.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008


Wow, I was out for a ride at Wakefield today after work and was SHOCKED at how many more people are out and out on bikes now that the weather has cleared, there musta been 30 or so riders all out in different size groups. The weather was awesome, out under the powerlines there was an nice breeze. Down near the creek the bugs were out pretty bad, no glasses is going to have to change soon I think, I kept getting the buggers in my eyes. I did a nice solid 14.1 miles and averages out a solid 9 mph and I did the hell climb 3 times and rode the back side of the bowl 3 times to in addition.

But it was great to see so many riders out enjoying the trails and all of em were pretty cool, no real churlish behavior though one guy did insist on riding up the berms while a bunch of us were waiting at the top. Oh well, we all kinda laughed about it as he made his way up.

The bike is in need of some tuning on the shifters the rear is starting to get a bit balky. I guess I should go pull the rear wheel, clean the chainset, and full clean the chain but it looks like its gonna rain for a few days, so no real hurry.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

DNK Brewery - Impreza Black Porter - Update

The porter is now in the bottles, a bit later than I wanted, but yet I think its fine. I tasted a bit of the run-off/drip off from the filler rod. Nice, a bit coffee'ish, with a nice maltiness. Maybe a bit sweet even, I might want something hoppier if I do a similar brew again.

Next up I will probably start a dunkelweizen, the weekend after next. I doubt I'll have the gear or time to lay it down this weekend, though honestly, I really only might need some additional malt, and a partial mash kit. Who knows, I don't even have a recipe yet, so it's hard to say. I do have 2 cans of Muntons Wheat LME waiting on the shelves very patiently.

Bottling went REALLY well till about 2/3rds of the way in when I knocked over 1 or 2 bottles and made a mess, otherwise my new washing prep and bottling setup plan worked like a charm to me!

At least my basement smells good right now, even after I gave the spills (1 little one in primary area, the big one was in capping area).

Gotta figure out if I'm gonna ride tommorow afterwork or not, might just do a light day at the gym and then hope for Thursday holding out for good weather. Time to grill some fish and asparagus.

Monday, May 05, 2008

Chinco de Mayonaise

We celebrated el chinco de mustard yesterday by having friends over for dinner and having some awesome mexican style chicken fajita's from Bobby Flay's grillin cook book. Awesome, I drank a couple of pacifico's and a big one of my hefe's. Needless to say I was quite sleep by 11 PM.

Ahh the dulcet tones of the ice cream truck are audible in my neighborhood. Summer time is really almost here and spring has sprung. No rain this weekend led to what probably 23 miles for me in the last 2 days.

Today I ground out about 18.5 miles with a out and back to Cabin John, this time I went south from the Tuckerman Ln park all the way to river rd. A few sections were a bit rough or the blazes were nearly gone leading to some long stretches of looking for the trail. On the way back going up tuckerman lane I witnessed a wreck. The first car was waiting to turn left and may have been waiting on me to pass an intersection but I was still 50 or more ft away and grinding up a hill. A school bus had to stop short and didn't hit the first car, unfortunetly a jerk in a mercedes SUV plowed into the back of the bus at probably 20 mph or so. The kids weren't hurt just a bit shook up. Within 50 minutes the cops had taken statements and the kids were gone on another bus and the rear ended bus was driven back to the shop with barely any damage. The guy's suv was pulled off the side of the road and traffic got flowing again. Oddly enough they didn't want or care about my statement since I guess it was such a clear case of tailgating/failure to stop. It's a good thing the bus wasn't about to unload kids either!

Man, pacifico is such better beer than corona.

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Great Morning

Took a short ride down into downtown Bethesda for bagels and a bit of misc hardware at the local hw shop. It was a beautiful morning only detracted from by my dieing from allergies, nice breeze, sunny. And no sign of frickin RAIN! YES!

Hoping to get out to Schaeffer tommorow afternoon, but we'll see.

Back to cleaning up for me, we have friends coming over tonight and I'm grilling. Yah!

Also finally cleaned up my disaster area of basement and the organization is quite pleasing to me!

Saturday, May 03, 2008



Make sure you stay till the end of the credits, you get a neat scene for your patience.

Friday, May 02, 2008

Rainy Weekends.

It's been a cycle the last few weeks of rainy weekends and clear'ish midweeks. It sucks a lot, but I've gotten in SOME rides at least.

Yesterday I went and did the Rosaryville Night Ride, nice group of 10 folks. Held up a solid pace for me of a moving time of 1hr 4min. Honestly I could have done a 2nd lap but it was time to get outa the park. Maybe some other time I'll get out there early enough to do a pre-lap. Night riding in the spring is so different than winter with all the leaves back on the trees! Neat! And not wearing 10 million layers is sweet!! I got to the park at 7:10 ish and was changed and ready to go in 15 mins or less vs usually 30 mins in the winter.

Wednesday I hit Fountain head again. Had a moving time of 1hr 15m though I did retry 1 hill so drop a min off that. I also made it up a couple of hills I hadn't on first try and only pushed up 1 hill. And I estimate a total time of like 1:25 which is much better than the 2 frickin hours or hour:45 it had been taking. Ugh. FH kicks my butt.

May try and sneak another ride in Saturday if the rains hold off till the evening like they are saying.