Monday, August 30, 2010

This weather sucks

Did I think a ton of good deeds yesterday, perhaps some karma will go my way and my new ride will appear tomorrow. Otherwise it looks like the 15th. Not a HUGE deal really. Though my rear wheel disagrees. :(

Trailwork at Accotink was a success. We added 3/10ths of a mile of new trail that will eventually replace I think about 200 yards. Maybe. Another Quarter mile to do in the other direction. The apparent plan is that the trail along the railroad will be left alone with no maintenance in the future due to park concerns and the railroads request. The RR may fence it off also is another possibility. They are nervous about their own liability for people on/near their tracks.

Got the ball rolling again on getting myself and another official set as Trail Monitors for Wake-o-Tink.

Helped a friend change his car battery that went dead. Fixed my inlaws I-pad and one of their bikes at dinner, and replaced the bulb on my wyf's driver side low beam that has been out while she was away.

Was going to ride today but with the 95 degree temps I think I'm going to wait and see what tomorrow brings.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Catching Up.

With how crazy work and life's been this spring/summer I'm finally catching up on that most horrible part of being a major ride leader - Paperwork. I scanned, I wrote reports, I emailed. I updated Logs.

I've got 1 missing thing in July. and parts of may and april to finish and I"ll be caught up.

I've reset up my reminder system that died a long time ago so I shouldn't fall behind again....I think.

Trailwork at Accotink tomorrow.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

What a great day for a ride

Got out of work a bit early and headed over to Wakefield at around 4. Messed around getting ready and took off for my first ride at like 4:30. Rode all the WF trails for about 7.5 miles of distance. Took a break ate a snack talked in the lot. Rode the Race course and a bit more. Finished pre-ride with 12 miles. Lead casual out a bit late and we headed over to accotink. We rode well and had a good time, got back intime to ride the powerlines at Wakefield and ended up with another 10 miles.

I'm wiped out. Tomorrow the rents are intown. Give me strength and patience.

Weight post shower/ride 197. need to watch things a bit! Should drop 5 in the next week or so is my goal.


New bike should be in next Tuesday. Ordered new pedals yesterday they should arrive Friday or Monday. Debating taking off Tuesday entirely to go over and play. Maybe a half day instead? Or the next day? hmmmm.

Regardless it's coming just in time. My rear wheel on the Giant needs a full rebuild really. It's got 1 fully blown spoke and another with the wrong length. I may disassemble it myself and see how really messed up the rim is. If it's not bad I may have it rebuilt.

Stoked to ride today should be a great day and the next week/10 days looks awesome.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

New Header Photo

New header photo courtesy of the Wyf's blog, Glacier Boat Trip around Svalbard

Pretty frickin cool! The sun truly never sets up there this time of year. I've skyped with her at 2am there time and the sun is still out, just a hair dimmer than mid-day. Like 7pm here right now.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Suprisingly Rideable

Wakefield was in much better shape than I thought it would be and Accotink was damp/tacky and a great place to ride yesterday. Only the power lines near 495 were unrideable along with the lower half of phase 4 as usual.

Had a really small turn out I think with 10 riders signed in. At Accotink we split into 2 groups of casual and casual+ of 7 and 3 riders respectively. Great weather though a bit humid. We in casual rolled for near 11 miles. That gave me a solid 17 miles for the night. Pushing me to 25 so far. I'm hoping to hit FH Saturday evening but it may not happen as I realize everyone and their mother will be pre-riding for the race on Sunday.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Little Birdy Says

That my new ride should be in RSN.

I'm stoked as it's been since the middle of June when I decided to pull the trigger.

Now to order the incidentals (Pedals, Pump, etc, etc). And consider how to hotwire the tires to be t00ble33.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Also did a bit of trimming at WF and accotink. At WF it was only near the big HILL on the creek trail where the briars were out of control.

At accotink I did a bunch on the 2nd part of boyscout and then also cleared the lower exit/entrance near the paved path in accotink it was WAY overgrown and I was tired of fighting the overgrowth.

Back In.

well The gear I tried to order 2 weeks ago turns out that I was too late and they didn't have as much in stock as they thought. I optioned to cancel the order for now. No biggie, as I still have no bike to put it on.

So after an insanely wet Thursday CCT ride 2 weeks ago I rebuilt the Giant the next weekend. While trying to install the new RearD, I realized that something was very wrong. The 2010 X9 is a POS! The cage is WAY to flexy/bendy I was suffering from chain jump in any outbound/inbound gearings (chain was coming off the bottom pulley) And I could never get the damn thing adjusted near a 6mm gap using the b-nuckle. I've installed 4 or 5 rearD over the last year or two for myself and friends and NEVER had problems like this. Hell my old x9's I"d just hold together and adjust to similar look and 10 minutes of fine tuning on the bike be done.

However I do think I have my best adjustment on shifting in a LONG time on the bike currently. Shifted great last night under load or normally.

Did 20 miles last night 9 by myself before of WF and Accotink then rode with Jackson's casual group for another 10. then did a final mile in the dark myself to break 20.

Wanted to ride into work today but I was way tired and didn't get up in time...Weak. Maybe friday. Tomorrow I have AC guy in the morning. ugh. but fixed AC is good.