Friday, March 30, 2012

Nice weather for a night ride

Last night was a great night for riding, honestly if I wasn't sorta sick I probably would have ridden for another hour. Cool, trails were good and had a good group.

Had a monster group in casual with 12 riders to start with. We got most of Accotink in one way. Another few weeks and we'll be able to do both ways I bet. Normally I don't get to this point till maybe June. Everyone is riding stronger this year I think.

Had a monster group at kilroys' probably 12-13 people. Good times and the PLB fund is now +$20.

Slept soooo bad. Kept waking up, sleeping restlessly feeling dry so I drank water. I think I actually had a slight fever maybe. Just really miserable. I think from 2 till 5:45 I slept okay. Should just adjusted my alarm clock out to 6:35 instead of leaving it at 6:10. Ugh.

I REALLY want to go to Raystown on Sunday but right now I have to feel a LOT better tomorrow. Also debating driving up on Saturday night and staying in a hotel so I can sleep in a bit versus getting up at 6 on Sunday.

Mass Effect 3 recovery plan for tonight.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Now I'm really confused.

Winter has returned apparently un-announced last night. I came out this morning and promptly went F@#$ it's cold, and went back in for a jacket and glove (only found 1 of my light pair of course). 32 Degrees! Stupid weather.

And looking at the rest of the week I see odd low/normal temps again! Oh where have you gone 80 degrees? I should't complain though, this cold snap may deal the really annoying bugs a deathblow. Go away ticks, gnats, etc!

Due to the explosion of allergens I got a minor sinus attack this weekend and it's really put me down hard. Add in the TON of rain we got Saturday/Sunday and I haven't gotten in much biking since Thursday. Or more correctly, any biking. At the rate I'm going with other commitments it will be Thursday before I ride again.

Sunday is supposed to be the Big Raystown Lake Day Trip, might rain a bit but that may just make for good riding. We shall see. It would be nice to try the legs out for a 30+ mile ride. To see how I'm ready for the big rides coming up in May.

Also prepping for the Big Spring TW at CJ. Going to actually try and get flyers/info out to all the local shops this year and get some flyers up at the park.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Allergy Hell.

Woke up this morning with a most lovely scratchy throat and my eyes feeling like I took a few "fun" punches from Mike Tyson back in his glory days. Swollen and itchy to say the least.

So it was off to the Midget to get food and allergy drugs this morning on the way to work. Now I'm enjoying a light and admittedly tasteless Bob Evans breakfast thing. I can now also see my monitors at work, so that's a win!

Last nights WF/AT ride turned out better than I thought it would. I was feeling REALLY un-motivated on the way to the ride and when I first got there, so my pre-ride didn't even start till just before 6. My legs felt okay but I just didn't have the "Go forth and conquer" spirit. Apparently though once the group portion started I changed into my alter ego, Hell Ride Leader and nearly at one point caught up to the Intermediates. OOps. A bit fast.

We rode Accotink in a slightly new way for me and as we were running out of time/light I cut us out to the gravel a bit early and we ended up taking the long way back and was it dark by the time we got under the Braddock Rd bridge. Too bad I didn't have my lights! Oops back to the car for my headlamp. And off I went.

Finished up with Punga, JoJo and a new guy who I can't remember his name. Technically new guy is wrong, he lead casual a number of years ago after Pete B quit. He's just getting back in after a while out.

The Gemini Xera continues to impress me. It was fine for riding WF on medium by itself last night. Did notice it was a tad warm but hey temps are WAY up also. Not like it's 50 or 40 out at night now.

I've gotta start making myself shower at night, not just fall into bed and pass out.

This weekend is looking pretty light on the biking front due to incoming weather and commitments to doing stuff, was hoping for a ride down in DC on Sunday but who knows.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Good Week of riding

Even though it was a short week, last week was a good week of riding. Thursday I got in near 15 miles at Wakefield and yesterday I went north to The Shed and did close to 20. Though the GPS says 16.3, my other friend logged 17.3 with push less and moving a bit faster. I'm going to guess on top of that it dropped at least 10% if not 20%.

Had a ton of mechanicals include 2 flats or was it 3. Plus a destroyed derailleur hanger at the start of Rock Candy. Fortunately the gent had a spare.

Neat day to ride started off VERY foggy and wet. I was soaked pretty well thru the morning, but once we started to head back up the mountain towards vandal things were pretty clear and drying. Vandal was mostly dry. I feel like I even got some sun on my neck!

This week may be a bit rough for getting rides due to scattered storms. I've got paperwork stuff to do tonight on FSA catch up for 2011. But it is staying warm. Stuff is sooooo green already.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Back in the NVA!

Back in the DC Area. Damn warm, must hit mid 70's today, almost as warm as Orlando was yesterday (84). Crazy!

My brother is about 80% better according to him, he just gets stiff and sore over night. Not surprised, followed my guess nearly exactly.

Lots of good beer at WOB while in O-town this week including, Stone Sublimely Self Righteous, Old Rasputin on Draft, MadRiver Steelhead and others. Gotta say I'm back in the IPA frame of mind and belgian wheats. Especially down there.

Picked up at Speakeasy - Butchertown Black IPA. Big fan of there regular IPA, kinda like Rogue Dead Guy, but hoppier of course.

Awesome riding weather on deck tomorrow. Stoked for the return of regular Accotink season and such.

Cleaned the bike up from the mud-fest that the CCT was 2 weeks ago. Ugh. It was gross. Also cleaned and lubed the seat post, and realized also my rear break pads are shot. Picked up a new set to put in tomorrow at REI.

Starting to think about my early summer bike trip. Coldwater Mountain in AL is calls, along with FATS in GA. Of course I'd love to have 2 days more of Pisgah and a day at Dupont. Tsali is in the mix. More Ride and then travel days is the big change versus spending a whole week in Pisgah at Davidson River as the Base.

Short trips on deck for PA in early and maybe mid may. Not sure about Dirt fest though. tempting. But the crowds are harshing me a bit. Hmm.

Friday, March 09, 2012

Fail. Fail. Fail.

Started off strong this morning, my brother and I were on the road, pretty early for him at 9:30 and we were at Ocala right around 10:45. Tons of people in town for their big Spring Break Fat Tire fest, looks like a ton of Bike Mfg's and others were in town already and setup. Trails were really well marked. Headed out around 11:15, taking Pine Tree around and south to the main entrance to the Vortex area.

My brother made the entry gate ride no problem, hell I freaked a bit on them last year. So we rode some of the basic stuff in the easy side of the vortex, almost pump track like but not fully. We looked at some of the big drops in the quary pit that were all closed due to the rain coming later today. So back we went. Not thinking I went along a elevated boardwalk that drops at foot halfway thru to a lower section. A few seconds later I hear HUFF, crash, WHUFF. Crap.

My brother had tried to follow and gone off right before the drop from the 4ft high section. He was rolling onto his back when I got back. Wheezing. I got his bike out of the way and told him to relax and just breath. Not gonna repeat his response here. Eventually after 10 minutes he sat up and got up but still very sore. Took of his helmet. Good mark on this forehead where the helmet really did it's job.

Other riders came by, apparently I left my bike in the near middle of the trail. Oops. Moved it and came back, now he can speak a bit so I ask him where it hurts. Head, neck, back, stomach, ribs. Another 10 minutes and we go thru the basics. No concussion, arm lift check, collarbone and ribs are mostly okay. Bruised probably. We hang at the picnic tables another 15 minutes and we head back. Sore but riding we take the road and get back to the shop just as it starts to POUR rain! I return the bikes he's trying to get relaxed in the car but really can't.

Long drive back to Orlando.

I fail as a beginning ride instructor is my only conclusion after similar failures with the Wyf and now the Bro-ham. He's resting.

I will ride there again, but I doubt with him again. We'll see, maybe he is made of tougher stuff. Hope this doesn't put him off the bike forever though.

Friday, March 02, 2012

Road Bike-Tard

That's my self determined name as of now involving spinning on skinny tires on pavement.

Ability to ride straight - Negative
Ability to self pace - Negative
Ability to hold a steady pace - Negative
Ability to ride till I puke - Negative
Ability to avoid indicated potholes - Negative
Ability to deal with speed - Negative
Ability to friction shift in group - Negative

Results - Somehow I finished the ride and was only a bit off the main pace, but if you look at my gps data my hr stayed pretty steady. Maybe because I was off the group and working more often to pull myself than if I'd been in the pack.

Riding a classic 1983 (The year my little brother was delivered unto this world) bike with Friction Shifting and the whole 9 yards was interesting. It had a majorly down slopped stem so in the hoods I felt more bent over than at my last annual review at work. A flat stem or slight riser would help, but hey it was a loaner and it worked. I can see how the difference between a road tire and a CX and Semi-CX tire could make a difference also trying to do that.

Total milage was probably around 27.5 or so for yesterday with 20 on the road section and 7 and change on the CCT/Accotink loop.

Accotink was drying out quickly and the 2 sections I checked were nearly dry including Boy Scout which had 2 bad puddles where some berming/cupping is happening and a wee bit o trail work would fix it up in a hurry.

Tried a new RYE IPA from Widmer last night, pretty good but not as good as He'brew's DIPA Rye.