Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Getting back in the Fit

This winter wasn't a total loss as far as my general conditioning and such but it wasn't as strong as I would have liked it. With being sick from the end of November thru much of december it really took all the headway I had going in out.

Finally about 2-3 weeks ago I made the spring bend. It started with a couple of bike rides on warmer days then 2 weeks ago Jen and I did an epic (for us post hibernation season) 12 mile hike up in Northbay out to a cool waterfall. A bit of offroading of the bike led me into a series of fixes that finally have my bike just now straight from (Tire Replacement, Cable Replacement, and a few other things). So this week I decided to really make the bend.

Sunday I hiked up Mission Peak in Fremont CA. The 3.3 up hike took me about an hour and 20 mins with some heavy pauses to stretch my back and legs. But the views and breeze at the tops of the rises were amazing. Hot as hell that afternoon. The down time took longer due to a few calls from an upset Jen. But I will say cell service was very good there! I polished off almost 2 liters of water on that one.

Monday I hiked around a bunch of east bay after shipping jen's car to DC. A 3 mile hike to the bart station at bayfaire and then a mile home after getting back to the MV station a few hour later.

Today (Tues) I finally road my bike into work again. Yep the crazy biker is back out at 4AM in good ole MV. At least for a few more weeks. The ride there and back isn't much a bit over 2 on the way in and 1.8 or so back on the trail. Boy were my legs tired and I felt wimpy as hell. Then this afternoon I hit the exerbike for another 20 mins and then walked/jogged for 30 more. Gonna feel it tommorow, I just have to burn through and at least walk again if not go for a bike ride.

I feel good but tired!

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