Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Moving In, slowly....

Well we got the gear in Friday and on Saturday J and her family unloaded most of the trailer, Sunday afternoon we finished up the last pieces with the couch and the monster mattress.
We cleaned and put way a lot of Sunday and put way a bit of stuff. Yesterday I got a late start on stuff after a lengthy trip to the hardware store.

The neat thing I did discover is i have a good 1/4 crank drill area in my basement by looping the workbench or even the outer area. I couldn't do it for long as my legs are worn pretty low from all the moving crud. So I did about 5 minutes of those on Sunday, today I'm gonna try and do that and some trackstands. Later I might try some hop-offs push/pull drills out back. Wheee for back lawns!

I want to ride soon so I'm looking at a ride either Thursday or Friday. Then I'm definetly going next monday somewhere cool like greenbriar or such.

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