Monday, July 13, 2009

WV....What can I say.

Yesterday after waking up late the wyf and I decided to roll for the Harpers Ferry and do some hiking on the MD side, hitting Maryland Heights.

Maryland Heights Info

Damn that was some climbing up in. My calves are feeling WAY abused. Like really really abused. My quads feel it a bit. Knees were hurting a bit by the time we were done. That was new, I usually can do 10+ miles of moderate hiking. But that place was tough I think the initial ascent is 400 feet, then a bit of up and down to the overlook. Then back up and up to the stone fort at the far end of the trail. Then it's all down hill from there. We then walked from the trail lot to the town and had dinner and ice cream. The town really shuts down around 5-6 pm on Sundays. We got some of the last ice cream near 7pm. I'd like to re-hike that in the fall after the foliage has dropped, I bet the views are much better then.

Can't imagine how keeping the placed supplied was during the civil war. They had a bunch of BIG cannons up there some weighing up to 10000lbs. JEEZ they said it took 200-500 men to get each one up the mountain. Then each shot could way 70-100 lbs for the big guns. CRAZY!!!

Watched Wanted this morning and the action was pretty cool, but over all the movie is kinda depressing. Though from what I've net-read not as depressing/dark as the actual comic.

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