Friday, March 12, 2010

So THATS what mountain biking is!

Had our first MTB Ride on TRAILS at Wakefield since the end of January. It was only the 4th trail ride of the year. Casual knocked down near 8 miles. Everyone was I think feeling a bit off their A game from so many weeks of trail riding. Even road riding isn't quite the same. Had 20 riders out in total. Larry took out one group with about 6 or 7 and the Jason Fast Group went out with 5 or 6 also.

Afterwards some of the Fasties were trying to ride over one of the last snow piles in the parking lot. A few people made it over but it tended to be the lighter weight guys I think. Frank rolled around in the snow on his 2nd attempt!

It was a really nice night out and I was over dressed, shorts, tech long sleeve with MORE wooly over that. Didn't really need the tech shirt I suspect.

I do need some new gloves my hands we're killing me! Several tears in the palms have rendered them too torn up for regular use. Time for another pair. DirtPaw Gloves

Now that our riding chances are getting better I need to do a teardown maintenance on the bike. Especially the drive train. Lube the cables and all that jazz. I will say having the rear brake line finally trimmed and bled has made a huge difference in control with it. I really need to do the front.

At some point I can mount my snazzy new 2010 X9 rd, but I think I'll wait till the current one gives up the ghost. Averages show that my current one will die at some point over the summer.

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