Thursday, August 26, 2010

What a great day for a ride

Got out of work a bit early and headed over to Wakefield at around 4. Messed around getting ready and took off for my first ride at like 4:30. Rode all the WF trails for about 7.5 miles of distance. Took a break ate a snack talked in the lot. Rode the Race course and a bit more. Finished pre-ride with 12 miles. Lead casual out a bit late and we headed over to accotink. We rode well and had a good time, got back intime to ride the powerlines at Wakefield and ended up with another 10 miles.

I'm wiped out. Tomorrow the rents are intown. Give me strength and patience.

Weight post shower/ride 197. need to watch things a bit! Should drop 5 in the next week or so is my goal.

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