Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Back to Normal here in DC

Well it's raining so things seem back to normal. Legs are almost fully recovered from being miserable Monday and Tuesday. My shoulder is still frickin weird, though trying to do push ups yesterday did not help. D'oh.

I was right in my estimate of our position in the Bakers Dozen results, in that we finished 27th of 39 teams with 8 laps in 11H:10M. 2 More laps would have moved us up to probably only 20. Top team had 17 laps duo, then 4 16 Lap teams, then 2 14 Lap Teams. Ugh! It was still a fun time and I'm hoping to try it again next year.

Looks like stuff clears up late today then we have a couple decent days then rain again Saturday. Awesome. Not.

Works blowing the up and I may be skipping a trip this weekend I've been looking forward to since the winter. Damn it.

Bakers Dozen Links
The Start - Youtube Video With yours truly cruising along near the end 30 to 32 seconds.

Carl Bruce - Photos

JCS48 - Flickr Photos

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