Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Triple Shots. Thats the way!

No, I'm not talking about booze, for me 3 shots and I'd be ruined in short order. I have a low tolerance for the hard alcohol. Sure a nice hit of Tequila or Bourbon is good for the soul. But only in moderation.

No what I'm onto is 3 days of riding, back to back to back, to try and push my fitness level from that of a slightly fit office zombie to that of a semi-vigorous undead creature on non-distinct type.

For me riding even back to back used to be noticeably hard on the old legs and posterior. These days it's not super impacting. I actually had a triple shot back near the end of April with rides on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. Just I didn't log the Monday one so it's semi-un-official. So now that's my goal. 3 rides a week, if possible somewhat back to back to back when doable with weather. But 3 rides a week, even if it's just the short commute to work one of the days. The weathers nice, time for the wimpy excuses to end.

So between today and yesterday I'm at about 22-23 miles I figure and if I add in Sunday I am at 33 or so. Tomorrow I'm debating riding to work and back then hitting Wakefield. Say 7 to 10 on the work loop, then another 10 at Wakefield could push me towards a super level week of 50 miles. For me that's pretty rare unless I get out and have a big Sunday ride like on the WO&D to National Harbor or such.

Today at Lake Fairfax was awesome I explored I think fully 3/4's of the trails out there with only not riding a few sections and maybe 1 other that I think is in but not on the map. Check out the connect link in the sidebar. Frank R has done amazing job with LFFx. Saw Don also out there. And a TON of riders. Probably 30+ during the 2 hours I was there.

Gotta update photo's tonight, got some neat ones I think lately.

The IPA is bubbling away, will consider secondary on Friday I think if fermentation slows a bit more.

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