Monday, August 15, 2011

Rockburn Branch Fundraiser

I just need to say WOW! What an amazing job the Rockburn Branch Skills Park team has done in building a top notch grassroots team to get this project rolling.

Yesterdays picnic/fundraiser turned out very well even without the big/adult rides. I ended up staying the whole time from 2 till 7 and helping a bit with clean-up. I was a bit concerned on the way there as the weather looked crap-tacular and with the main rides canceled I was a bit worried about turn out. Ends up people really care about this park getting done, I think almost 200 people came through during the main event.

The main part of the fund-raiser was the raffle of 2 bikes and a trip to Moab. They only offered 300 tickets for the chance, but sold them for $25. That kicked them off to a start of $7500. Pat Miller then rustled up a ton of bike gear for a $4 ticket raffle. I bought 5 and I think a LOT of people did. I'm gonna guess another $1000 raised there, though it might be a bit more. Meals were $5 and tons of waters were sold also they had a snow cone machine running constantly at $2 a pop. Say another $1000 bucks raised there. Then Jay brought a donated Keg of Clipper City beer and I think that raised about $250 bucks in donations for cups of beer. 2 Corney Kegs were acquired of Troegs Beer and I bet that was another $250. I'd say the picnic itself there raised an additional 2500 bucks or so. Putting them at 10k. Then Pat announced a local family has donated $10K in support. Amazing. There almost at the half-way mark. They also have now 2 more bikes there going to be able to raffle in the near future that were donated in the last day or two. Tshirt sales were rocking also. An excellent event.

I know they also have some grants out that could push them into the 30K range with a bit of luck.

On the down side I've ridden my bike 1 time in the last 2.5 weeks. UGh. Blows. Anyways I'm out. First short day of work in a week. Yah!

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