Friday, November 09, 2012

A Cold Wind Blowing

Is it already Winter?  I feel like either Jack Frost or The Winter Queen has arrived early.  It was damn cold last night getting ready in the parking lot, the wind just cut right through me.  Once we got riding it was good.  Wasn't a very epic night with a group of near 10 riders and I wasn't feeling my fastest either. 

I was actually shocked we had a full 3 page of riders, 24 out in the silly cold.  I was expecting maybe 12 or 16.  For not being fast it was pretty fun, the leaves are just enough to form a nice carpet and make things a bit interesting with hidden roots and sticks.  Lots of stick debris was down from the storms still but all logs were cleared.  We spent some time scouting new log-over potential and that was fun. 

My right foot lake boot's boa cord is still busted and that REALLY puts a limit on somethings I can do with the bike towards jumping/hoping/etc.  Post ride it was a single beer for me and rolling out to sleep.  I had about 14 hours of sleep over the last 3 days due to working early.  It blew.

Getting a solid 8 hours in however was awesome.  Another 7 tonight will help too.

Doing some appt/townhouse/etc hunting moving away from C-ville up to V!3nn@ or so.  Closer to the new office location come mid-January.  Our smoking landlord was the last straw now that she is back.  Ugh.

DAMN!  Missed out on Mumford and Sons.  MIssed the presale yesterday, then they open a whole new show today and both are now sold out less than 4 hours later!  WTF!@#!@#!!~!!#$!!!!!

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