Sunday, March 17, 2013

Top Fuel Madness

Down in Orlando for a few days, hanging with the family.  Finished semi-fixing the old Giant and have ridden around a few times on some short errands to the bar and for food.  It kinda sucks as the fork is shot I look at it and it compresses from 20 ft away.  I also realize that I need a shorter stem to.  It's also re-inforcing that I've bought my bikes to large, there is a reason why I love my 56cm cross bike.  I think my next mtb will be a large.

Went to Gatornationals today with pops and some friends, damn good races.  Got a bit of sun.  Walked about 4.5 miles around looking at cars, checking out stuff for sale, looking at the skanky race girls trying to sell cars, RC cars, etc.   Good racing, nitro in the air. Zoom!  Top speed I saw today was 326 and change.  Not bad for 1000 ft.

Been hitting WOB a bit.  Had some good stouts yesterday, lead by Evil Twin's Yin.  Damn good.  Also Widmers Russian Imperial Chocolate Stout.

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