Thursday, September 24, 2015

Hello Fall! Nice to sneeze you.

Fall has definitely arrived into the Northern VA area in the last week or two.  Heralded by cooler temps and fall allergies.  Nothing like random sneezing, runny noses at night, sore throat and watery eyes.

Cross season is here but not sure what my first race of the season will be.  I've been fully tied up with Wakefield Trailday prep for this weekend.

I also think I'm getting faster with the trimmer.  The other day I did all the berms, part of powerlines near the rock ladder and the trail to the rollers and down the rollers in 3 hours and change, then another day I did the ascent hill, cleaned up a few other area's and did the berms down the phase 1 trail in about 2 hours total time.  For the rest of the powerlines I plan to use the mower maybe.  Gotta discuss/look with Ernie tonight.  Not sure the mower is REALLY necessary at this point.

Last week was fall vacation week.  Left late the friday before last for the Fall MORE Camping trip in Big Bear.  Sadly I didn't ride Friday even though it was beautiful.  Setup camp and started the relaxation method.  Sigh.  Relaxed real hard Friday.  Then the rain started with a bit overnight and the on and off sprinkles in the AM.  About 10 of us headed out anyways late morning and we rode the Crack Trail, More Crack Trail, Yellow, CDaleshortcut, Yellow, Pines, Pine Loop, Gene's trail both sections, green and back.  Unfortunately halfway back on Gene's my saddle broke a rail and the rest of the ride was very slow standing grind.  Ran into Bob and Todd on the way back and watched Bob go down hard on a very slick wooden bridge on green.  Kids motored just fine but us big kids just have to high a center of gravity.  I walked and it was slicker than ice really.  Back to camp.  After a shower and awesome chicken salad sandwhich (Thanks M!) I ran off with a friend to hit a store in Deep Creek for a new saddle.  It ended up being a comfort saddle monstrosity.   Got back and the sadz wouldn't let me put it on.  So went to help with potluck setup.

The PotLuck competition was awesome this year, some of the best food I think maybe since the 1st year in Davis!   Lots of great food ate I think 3 plates.  Sooo full.  On and off rain though the super tarp one family had was a huge help.  Along with most of the camps 5 or 6 popups.

Much more chill and chilly night, sat by the fire, talked about riding different places, had a few brews.  Went to bed pretty early between being in a food coma and tired and cold.  Didn't sleep as well as the night before due to on and off rainstorms of note.  Sunday dawned still pretty ugly.  Got up.  Ate breakfast, dried out and warmed up in the car.  Used the car to dry out my jacket and riding pants.  Helped a bunch of people pack up.  Went out to breakfast with folks in a nearby town at Water St Cafe.  It was awesome.  Went back, mounted the saddle while watching most people depart.  Went out for another ride as things were drying out a bit and sun was occasionally peeking out.

Rode out the road to the far end fo the area and did some of yellow up to the airport then the rest of yellow to Little Cannan/Purple trail.  That was hard but awesome defintely walked stuff.  Then blue along the road (Crazy fun) then back the connector/black trail.  Nice day in the saddle.

Last groups then rolled out including Todd and Larry and co and MW.  Lonely camp now empty with me solo.  A bit creepy for sure.  The sun finally came otu and I went and got awesome photo's around the campground/sites near the lake.  Wow.

Monday I got up a bit late and did a good ride out black to yellow to green and all of green then yellow then black to jumpline out did the green at the entrance area behidn the bandstand/etc.

Then headed out to Morgantown to get a real saddle.  Ended up with a Specialized saddle I don't love, in fact if I can fidn the receipt I should ship it back to them to return it.  :P  But I doubt I can. Hit up a burrito place with great beer right on WVU Campus then hit a nearby brewery.  Picked up some beer and food to cook.  Not a bad day over all.  Back to camp.  Went and took more photos of another great sunset at the lake riding around.  Had a beer.  Really nice and relaxing.   2 Groups came into camp while I was out.  A few guys my age up partying up at one of the farther cabins and a older couple with a trailer 2 down.  Not so creepy/empty.  Cooked dinner.  Chilled out with a good beer (Stone 19th anniversary).  Went to bed pretty early in thought of another day of big riding.

And then the food poisoning set it in.  Slept like crud and woke up sick as hell.  No riding.  No feeling good.  Started to pack up.  Took near 3 hours.  Dried out stuff very well.  Ate half a bowl of oatmeal and felt a bit better.   A crappy end to a pretty awesome weekend otherwise.  Stayed with afriend in MD.  Felt sick a bit on the drive.  Ugh.  Home on wednesday and had everything cleaned and unpacked by midafternoon Wed.  Gaming the rest of the day.

Rest of the week was pretty chill, no huge rides except for Friday.  Got to do the most awesome wine and cheese gravel hooky ride.  40 miles, 2 wineries, 1 distillery.   Cheese, Crackers, Meat, Etc.  Woot!

Today was the final sign of fall 55 Degree morning.  Everyone wearing long sleeves/arm warmers on the way in.  Coffee was most excellent at Cafe Amouri.  Ahhh.  Fall.

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