Tuesday, July 03, 2007


Well it had to happen. On a ride yesterday I took my first "REAL" fall due to my clipless and my bungling self. It was a mixture of loss of momentum and bad steering and over onto my close side i went. Admittedly it wasn't a bad fall but it hurt my pride a bit. Sure I got a nice bruise on my hip and my offside ankle but it's really just my pride. I'm also trying to avoid over-fearing/thinking my riding. I do need to work on both my positioning and my vision/line stuff.

So yesterday I took the wyf out for her first ride at Schaeffer and she liked it much better than cabin john and she will ride there again definitely. What I need to do is get her out for a few RLAG rides to build her skills. Tonight I'm gonna do the Wakefield Night Ride since Thursday is looking rainy. Not sure if I'm going to hit the Friday Night Lights ride or not Friday.

Damn, I need a nap. Gotta prep the bikes, power snooze and hit the road!

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