Friday, December 21, 2007

Riding Again

Finally got a ride in last night at Wakefield with my new equipment setup. SWEET!!!! The lake boots make a huge difference my toes were only a little cold. With toe warmers the should work down into even 0 degree conditions.

I was actually ride leader last night.....uhhhh wtf. We started out with 4 riders, picked up another. 1 Guy bailed a bit after an hour, The next guy went out after another 20 mins. We last 3 went and did another half hour. Cheers to Daniel, Rich, Dave, Alex. We final 3 did a total of about 8.75 miles.

I was pretty happy with my riding for being sick and off the bike due to rain/etc for 2 weeks. My legs felt moderately fresh and I spun pretty well most of the time except for the third spin up to the top to hit the berms. We stayed mostly out of phase 2 except for a couple of mins and a quick ride up the hill on the access road/trail.

My frickin gps mount broke and fortunetly I realized before I lost the damn thing. Thank god!

Anyways back to work for me. Happy Commercial-mas!

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