Friday, January 04, 2008

Wakey Wakey.

I was stoked to be out and riding again last night. I was kitted out, early and ready to ride. Or mostly ready. I prepped the bike and a few others were ready and the ride boss took us out on a bit late pre-ride at 6:20'ish. We road a LOT of the trails in about 25 mins and it was sweet. It was all frozen we could ride the whole thing. Nice! It had been a while since we could ride much/any of phase 2.

I went back out with the casual group, Punga was leading but he was blowing us all away, after intermediate passed us we told him to hit the bricks :P and the slow ride slowed down. Over on phase 2 I bit it on 2 switchbacks in a row. I've never had problems with either of these and blam. After riding more of 2 we transitioned back into the woods and after a small climb. POW. My damn chain broke. Fortunetly it wasn't under load but it still sucked. I had to walk/coast out. Took me 10 mins to catch my group as at first I thought it was just a dropped chain. I couldn't get the new quick link in and said it was time to roll home. Everyone else rolled back in then. The 20 degree temps were assuring a short night. Probably an hour 20 to an hour 30 for most rides that night. The trails were blazingly fast though and that was cool.

My left knee/lower leg is a bit messed up from my first crash which happened on the preride in a really st00pid way.

May try and ride at little bennett tonight, depends on if the wife is otu with friends and when I can get off work. Also gotta see if my guy here can do a quick adjustment on my rear derail, as it appears the cable stretch is mostly done now.
Adn damn, stupid sram pc-991 is pissing me off for breaking. It isn't even hollowpin. The damn plates just pulled away from the pin. Gonna try and get a swap out maybe sunday or monday.

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