Friday, October 03, 2008

Cold and Crisp

WOW! By the end of last nights ride it was cold and crisp, I think it was down into the mid 50's. Oops motionbased says it was actually 50'ish! Wow! Though not crisp either with a 90% humidity! Weird. All i know is i was wishing for slightly warmer socks and a bit warmer jersey.

Knocked out a bit over 22 miles with my preride and the main ride split at about 12 and 10 respectively. Found a bunch of new to me trails over in Accotink, I need to go ride that a LOT more. Next week I hope to spend a full hour and half or so over there not just 45-50 minutes. Lots of good steep/rooty climbs to murder myself on.

Would love to ride again today but I doubt I can do more than hit cabin john, gotta talk to the wyf and find out her plans for the night.

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