Friday, October 10, 2008

Flying like Super Something

Tuesday I took the rig up to CJ after work again and got 14 miles total between there and back. Nice ride and the shake down went very well.

Yesterday I arrived at Wake nice and early after picking up an order at REI and RickyD hauled me out to the top of the berms for an impromptu jumping/filming session. Unfortunetely his camera mount wouldn't hold the camera up so he probably didn't get a lot of good video.

The annoying thing there that i noticed was I was burping my rear tire on the landings. I guess I was maybe dropping 3 feet or something max. Didn't seem very far, but I know I wish I had a smoother touch on landings. Just haven't done enough of them yet. Had to re inflate after the 2 sets of 2 jumps I did, both times the tire was down to like 20 PSI.

The tire rub issue continues to worry me enough that I'm probably gonna by 2 new tires to replace my current one with on Payday. Probably try a Specialized Captain Control in 2.1 or 2.2 if I can find it or a Crossmark UST again in the 2.1.....grrrr. Unless I can find a Mutano Raptor UST in 2.1/2.2

Got another 14 miles in. Gotta see if the wife is gonna let me try the MoCo epic on Sunday. I really want to as a test for some big riding the weekend after. I figure if I can hang pretty well on 40-50 miles of moco I can do 30-35 miles of Penn or WV.

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