Sunday, January 25, 2009

Bikes, Beer, and Boots.

Ahhh what a fabulous trip. My first to Europe, and I can say definitely not my last. Got to drink some fabulous beers including a PILE of cask conditioned english ale's including John Smith, Old Peculiur, Winter Jewel, and Acorn Porter that was my favorite. Also drank a fair number of Belgian including Kwaq? Leffe, Leffe Triple, Le Chouffe, and another that has escaped my mind. Argh.

Where we were in england had a fair share of bikers, a few more than I see around here for sure, but nothing like Amsterdam. Bike parking is as bad as car parking in places here. Tons of cargo bikes, a few mountain bikes (BSO's really) and I saw 2 "road" bikes actually being ridden both on the same night. Quitting time was amazing as the HORDES of bikers would swarm out and nearly rule all the traffic in places even fully taking over car lines like the critical masses of old, but on a daily basis. Bike lane traffic lights were amusing and not always followed either.

Amsterdam is a stunning city and the age of stuff in England makes me feel just how young america really is. Though the interest in Obama overthere is remarkable and generally very positive, only some drunk guys in A-dam were really bad, but I attribute it more to the fact they had just seen Oasis (french of A-holes really).

More later as I have time to process down. For now I"m finishing up the laundry and pondering where to ride tommorow.

Oh yah and a ton of lovely ladies in boots :) What can I say, I'm a leg man. :)

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