Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Snow Mobile

Yesterday my bike got its first real good taste of snow. Sure their was a bit on Monday at Gambrill SP, but not like Tuesday. I went out and toured the neighborhood snow area's riding the streets, the parks, and the green spaces! It was a blast, did like 4.5 miles in 35 mins of gently riding. It was real fun honestly especially watching the suckers out shoveling the snow while I rode on past.

Though I admit, I dumped while going up a driveway/curb combo in front of 2 women shoveling and I laughed the whole time. They thought I must be a nut case I suppose.

Regardless it was fun and cold. I also made tracks in my front and back lawn. Though I only have pics of the front. Next time I'll have my big 2.55 Weirwolf LT up front to stabilize the ride a bit more. And maybe I'll mount the fat 2.3 Crossmark up also on the spare rear....hmmmm.

Tonight I'm working on cleaning up and re-lubing the rear D and chain.

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