Sunday, July 18, 2010

Lots of TW not so much riding

This is the time for insane trail work apparently. We did a WF one today and made major fixes to the destroyed power station descent. We fixed major rutting and put in 3 minor grade reversals/rolling dips to help get more water off the trail. We need to build one more somewhere in the first area though to get the worst off. Also teams weed whacked the powerlines and trimmed the bowl entirely. That will be very nice!

Last week I did an epic 6 hour trail ride/work binge at CJ and boy was i wiped out after wards. Only got in 1 other ride last week at WF and that was a bit of bummer as we hung around WF and I wanted to to Accotink. So I think I had 26 miles last week and this week will like be the same as I only got 13 miles after wards today. Unless I do W@W or hit FH on Tuesday or something but we have a lot of t-storms in the forecast for this week so who knows?

Still not sure if I'm gonna try and do the curse of dark hollow next weekend. Wait and see I guess.

Full Sail's Session black is excellent and very drinkable, I enjoyed it while doing laundry last night and watching The Girl with a dragon tattoo, very cool.

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