Friday, December 10, 2010

Can you dig it???

Damn, winter time is a real mixed bag for riding for me. I love the frozen, hard fast speed of trails. Places like Wakefield feel quicker, and at something like the rose, you can REALLY fly. I also enjoy night riding a lot. I think I'm going to commit to more night riding in the spring and fall and maybe some summer trips to places I can night ride also. But the cold sucks. It sucks mightly. 24 and change degrees when we finishes last night.

Ooo and we have a good chance for SNOW next weekend. Damn!

ON the plus size, I have to say Moose Mitts kick ass. Mostly. The fall off my bars a bit, so i'm going to have to sew on some sort of loop/hook to hold onto the bar and and maybe something to make them a wee bit less floppy.

The big plus is once I got a bit warm, I was fine in them just wearing my normal full finger summer gloves!

Got some cool pre-ride photo's and a few shots of the Ice on my bike after wards. GPS track should be cool also. Group rolled about 10 miles in an hour and a half. Not bad for hacking a lung out while riding.

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