Friday, December 31, 2010

300 and a ride

Had a nice mellow CCT/Light Trail ride last night. Things at WF were a bit damp in some area's at first, so we did the CCT out to the tunnel and back, then rode the creek trail to phase 4, to upper phase 1 then creek back to the rec center. It was pretty nice. Not that cold. Used the moose mitts with a new pair of gloves. Very nice, my hands were perfect.

The bike is a MESS. Gotta clean it up tonight and get it ready for Sunday's Kumbya Trail Ride at Greenbriar.

New helmet is nice. It's nice not to have old stinky helmet head. Got a great deal on a very nice 2009 Bell Volt. Hopefully the anti-microbial stuff will help keep it less stinky.

Surprisingly this is my 300th blog post here. I think my livejournal account which I've had for almost 10 years only has 400.

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