Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Been a weird/busy March I've realized. Between relatives passing away, work, trips and bad weather my riding this month has been in the crapper. And I've got a major enduro race thats 10 days away. Lovely. I had a good start to the month but where I rode in like a Lion with some big rides (Even just paved trail). I've gone out like a lamb really. I've logged 30 miles in the last calendar week (Tues -> Tuesday) with 15 miles on the WO&D last thurs and 15'ish out at LH last night.

So I rode the 3rd at Wakefield/Accotink (Preride). the 4th thru the the 16th I was totally slack in Whor-lando. The 17th was the first accotink evening ride/St.Patty's ride. The 24th I did WOD and yesterday the 29th. Maybe the rain will end early and I'll slip in another quick ride thursday. So maybe I'm between 40 and 45 miles for the month. The last week of Feb I had 60 and the whole month I had i think 130 miles. Eeesh. I need a road bike in Orlando I think. And here honestly.

So looking forward I'm gonna try and sneak in a ride Thursday or definitely Friday after work. Then hopefully a good ride on Sunday at Schaeffer after the Ride Leadership Clinic. Then Joy! Another very wet week leading up to Bakers Dozen. Can anyone say MUD FEST! If they delay it a week I don't know what I'll do as right now I'm set to go down to douthat that weekend following.

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