Thursday, March 31, 2011

It was quite moist down there...really.

Went for a solo CCT south bound tour tonight. Everyone else had better sense than I and stayed home and warm. The way out it wasn't bad light mist in the air. Some sections were really pretty dry. Got to the top of the exit for Gambrill road off 7100. The way back wasn't too bad till I got down off Hunter Village Dr. Then the sprinkle/misting picked up to a light rain I guess. By the time I hit the lake I was pretty wet on top but dry underneath. After the long grind back up Queensbury to Wakefield Parking lot I was really moist, thru most of my top layer. The endura's kept me mostly dry along with the pearl over pants.

It was kind of a light weight test run for rain/water management for Bakers Dozen. I think I'll be in okay shape but i have to bring some extra junky towels along. Time for a trip to homewarez depot for cheap dirt brown towels.

No gps route again as I thought I forgot it but it was just buried in my clean cloths. Oh well a similar route looked to be about 15 miles.

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