Monday, September 12, 2011

Cabin John - Goya to Tuckerman

Finally spent a bit of time up on CJ between the Goya Drive terminus and the Tuckerman Ln Area. Did a LOT of trimming on the trail, opening up some tight area's and overhanging annoyances, clearing a fair amount of FOD also off the trail. Cut out some small down limbs that were in unfortunate area's. 2 small sets of trees in the first half mile need to come out. Ugh, but it may be a while.

The middle crossing needs to be fixed permanently, I cleaned it up a bit as it was not stable with a bunch of shit/rocks debris piled up.

Also there are 2 or 3 sections that are probably within 6 months of being fully eroded out where re-routes need to be under taken. 2 are easy rake/grub and rides, 1 is going to require a fairly major set of work to cut away growth in and out.

I'm sure the other area's need work also, hope to make inspections/ride and clips on them maybe next week.

Debating trying wake-o-tink tonight or a short ride in the hood, probably the hood ride as I have a MORE BOD meeting/concall tonight. JOY!

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