Friday, September 23, 2011

In the Dark, sometimes it's easier to fall.

In a fit of coordination not to be exceeded by a blind drunk monkey I fell into the bushes of doom on the Berm Ascent Hill of Wakefield, not a bad fall but a very dumb one after a hurried restart attempt. UGH. Talk about lame. Well actually lets all forget about it and hope that gets my Falls in Fall out of my system.

It was still a good ride, 18 miles logged on the GPS, so probably about 20 miles in 2:22. Wakefield was a bit damp, the soil occasionally hiding some nasty slick spots, the creek trail was a sandy mess. The washouts are still amazing, the entrance to the bowl via the tunnel is unbelievable. Really. Water is an amazing force, I really hope we don't get the amount of rain they are predicting for today.

Next week we might slip in some trails by Thursday if the rain on Tuesday isn't bad, but otherwise if I'm gonna ride on Tuesday it's going to not be Single Track.

It's really amazing to me still how much it helps to get out and ride in lowering my stress levels. I feel much calmer today. Versus Wednesday I was starting to crack out.

Primus concert tomorrow. I'm stoked over that, haven't seen Primus before, but I've always been a fan. Time to look for Winona's BBB.

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