Friday, October 28, 2011

And the curse rolls on.

Well it rained most of Thursday again, so I went off for a MORE/IMBA pre-meeting before the fall .GOV ride out at LH today, that I'll get to a bit late. Unfortunately the IMBA group had to bail early as a team member apparently fainted while out to go to dinner from not eating enough. So Jason and I were left with a free beers and no one else so we headed off to Whole Foods for some better beer and food.

Bells Hopsolution is Delicious. Very well balanced for a 9% beer. Stoner and I killed the Keg as Ben B showed up later found out when he tried to order one and about 3 ounces came out and the keg was kicked! I went for sushi which was pretty damn good and Stoner got a plate of indian type stuff. We hung out and shot the shit about riding and dogs till a bit past 9. Then we were off. I crashed out at home by 10, and slept till basically 7. Ugh.

This weekend was supposed to be the Bliss but lack of participants caused it to be canceled, now we are facing rain/snow on Sat. The Gambril/shed area may get 5 to 8 inches! Not sure if I wanna deal with that or not on Sunday.

So I may try and shoot out to LH right after work today to get in a part of a ride with IMBA .GOV ride.

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