Friday, November 04, 2011

Get out and ride

AFter a really crazy week I got out to WF with 5 minutes before official ride start time to find only 5 or 6 people in the lot. AT first I was dismayed but then I realized that meant a small group and not as many riders to share the trail with. I ended up only having Chris in my group while the evil empire of Stoner, JoeP, Dylan and Eric went out fast. We passed each other a ton of times. At 8 Chris bailed and I opted to keep riding, got in another 4 or 5 miles. It was good to be out and spinning in the dark with my thoughts. The stress of work really flowed away over the course of the ride.

As I finished I realized where everyone was. The postponed Schaeffer Farm Halloween Ride. And boy those pictures have left me scar's I can't get over till I have insane amounts of b33r.

Mad Fox in Falls Church rules. Good food, good beer, good times.

AT kilroy's post ride last night I kept thinking how I wish we were at MF. Better food and b33r. I got stuck with Sierra. Oy.

For now I'm trying to figure out where to ride Sunday and Tuesday. Tuesday I'm leaning towards Rosaryville. Sunday, I dunno. Maybe something different. Might do James River or something NEW.

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