Tuesday, December 20, 2011

CJ at Night

Finally got up and did the CJ Night ride with Michael W (no James) last night. It was a damn good ride really. Started from the group picnic lot on Tuckerman Lane and rode to the Goya Drive end first. One area in there really need a reroute as the stream edge is really close.

Then we went south. 1st 2 sections weren't in bad shape, pretty damn dry in fact. But then we got towards near the end of The 7 Bradley rd to River Road section and there are 2 big washouts. 1 already has a decent bypass. The other is in need of some real work. Might be time to consider a full re-route of that section.

12.9 miles according to Mike's cycle computer, my GPS came up 11.8.

A spoke gave out early on or maybe Saturday at FH so thats another thing to be handled when I drop the bike off tonight. Gotta clean it up a bit for sure before then or they will flip on me.

I have to note again how impressed I am with the new Gemini XERA lighthead I got a few weeks ago. It's great, solid light and good life on the battery. I was re-reading on the GeomanGear page about the 1600 I have, apparently the red status occurs at the 50% battery mark, not 25% like I thought so maybe it would run almost 2 hours on high and 2.5 on 3. I'll have to push it soon on another ride. I will say on high it is incredibly bright and the next step down is still Very Bridge.

Wakefield Festivus on Thursday night, not looking like a trail ride at this time, more of a CCT or such.

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