Monday, January 02, 2012

Trail work 1 of 2, Riding 0 of 2. Oh yah.

So I'm wrapping up numbers for MORE today for Rides we had listed for 2011. Here are a few highlights:

525 Calendar Listed Rides
Unknown Actual Rides (est 330).
62 - June # of Rides, Most of Year.
21 - Feb, Month with Fewest Rides.
44 - Avg # of Rides a Month Rounded Up.
Parks with Most Rides - Pataspco and Wakefield.
Parks with No Love - Too many.

So if I do end up remaining Ride Co-ordinator, my big push this year will be for every park to have a lead ride at least 2x per year. Probably over reaching but who knows?

77 Rides in Garmin this year for 880 miles logged. But I was missing my GPS for almost 2 months so I'd figure add another 200 miles as I was riding a good bit during that part of the summer as stress relief. So with 10% loss avg I'm going to tag that I had say 90 rides for 1200 miles. Not bad, but I do want to do more, but right now that means I need to go to the road at least somewhat. Ugh.

Did a minor build project by myself on Cabin John yesterday near River Road, doing a cleanup/fix of a incomplete reroute near a bad washout from the fall. Had to move some big rock, fill some major holes and move a lot of loam and dirt. Ended up pretty decent. Pictures to come.

Back to work.

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