Monday, January 30, 2012

The Shed.....

Well it finally happened.

Chris burned out almost everyone's retina's at the ride yesterday with his Stig inspired bike outfit. I won't subject your eyes to the trama directly but it's out there on flickr. I believe Denis C ruined at least one camera taking photo's.

I also got my first Fredrick Watershed ride in. Me likey. I opted out of the optional early climb to the shuttle point and instead caught a ride up with Chris and Marco before his outfit of doom was applied.

We then rode Skink, Salemander, Iceberg, F2, Viper, and Pit. I bailed on the last part (Vandal). I was feeling it with the lack of riding lately. And nothing like that since the fall at Rattling Creek.

Had some good sections where I was very happy with my rock handling, then a few I should have tried or done better on and a few where due to the group it just wasn't worth trying. And plenty of things I couldn't figure out how to do for my life.

Going back next week is the plan, but who knows if that will or won't happen. Tried ot really pay attention to the trails so I can go back and ride some of it again even by myself, though I dunno if I would do iceberg or F2 by myself. The built stuff at Capital Hill is amazing.

Great to see a bunch of familiar faces up there including Chris, Todd, Darius, Adam, Marco and anyone else I forgot and any of the new guys I met, I'm terrible with names. D'oh.

Michaux jaunt possible 2 weeks from now that I REALLY want to do.

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