Saturday, July 07, 2012

Sawing Along

Well it's been a long and busy week.  Work has been stupid due to working an extra hour everyday and the 2 extra on Thursday morning REALLY sucked.  Been playing catchup on sleep since then still need a few more.

Thursday we did a ride and clear at Accotink.  Damn.  A TON of trees down.  We cleared a bunch of stuff and some smaller trees using hand saws but a lot simply requires chainsaws.  Larry C sawed out a MEGA ton of timber, probably 100+ cuts or more in 2 hours. 

Also "found" a wasp nest on the Gas Plant trails near the BIG Grass Field.  One of my guys was stung 10-15 times, another maybe more but on the head and body and he bailed out.  Not that I got away without being stung, I got taped once, on the thumb thru my glove.  Oy I was damn lucky.  And very glad I wore my 3/4's shorts over my tights. 

Still a lot of stuff to clear on the new interior trail I believe, though WF is now fully clear.  Actually trimmed the lower third of Phase 4 that was just horribly over growing.  Got tired of battling plants while riding thru.  Another week or two and it will be clear for a good while.

Ran again yesterday, felt much better than on last Friday's same run, this time running probably 2.5 and walking 1 mile of it.  Not sure of time, but definetely ran further and better so my estimate for last week should have been like 1.75 and 1.75 I think.  So thats about  11 miles of run/walking in the last 2 weeks, starting to feel better.  Now I have a major goal to be in good shape as I'm doing this run at the end of October:

Run for Your Lives - Baltimore - Oct 27 2012.

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