Saturday, January 26, 2013

Jet Plane Ride

Gonna get on a Jet June.  For somewhere.

2 Years ago almost I did the big Pisgah Week trip for my birthday in June.  It was a blast, though doing it by myself was a  bit of a downer, I like my me time, but going with others would have been cool too, pushing myself a bit honestly. 

So the last week I've been thinking of what I wanted to do.  My first thought was another trip South to that area.  Maybe a week, maybe shorter.  Now I'm thinking of doing something else longer for the birthday and maybe doing NC again in May or Maybe July.  Not sure. 

What I am thinking of is hitting somewhere like BC, Sun Valley or a bunch of other area's that were just listed in a Bike/Mountain Bike article.  Not really the big places, but smaller ones where I can do a mix of things.  I want to do a 3-5 day trip then have a few days somewhere else to just do trip things.  Maybe hit a park for some hiking.  Shrug.  Some of the places have signifigant altitude 6 to 9k feet!  Some do 10+k of climbing though that should be a real test. 

Hoping today gets warm enough to melt a lot of the Rails to Trails stuff.  I really need to get in a long ride tomorrow. 

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