Friday, February 15, 2013

This weather

Been staying  busy and active this 2013 so far.  I have an GPS logged activity for 20 of the last 45 days, covering 263 logged miles.  I think I did miss recording at least 1 run so far, and thats at 24'ish miles, and now that I'm up to doing 5 at a time that will keep climbing.

Have a big goal to be ready for a big trip down to Boone NC in late April.  2.5 Months out and I've gotta get in some distance rides and climbs. 

That brings me to my first dilemna, to do a moderate 30-40 mile gravel ride on the CX bike with moderate climbing this weekend or to go to Rosaryville and put a solid 30 miles on the MTB.  Sure it doesn't have a ton of climbing but it is a more constant work-out than other places.  Or I guess I could go to the Shjed and pound myself into idiocy.  While the climbs up are a good workout, doing it right away doesn't sound fun.

The weather is killing the WF TNR for the last 3-4 weeks and next week looks no better.  Ugh F@#$. 

Snow and more snow  Saturday and Sunday's current forecast, though only at 30-40%.  Hmmm. 

Back to work.

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