Monday, April 01, 2013

Son of a Lich

Well we all survived day of the Lich aka Easter.  Who doesn't think a guy rising from the un-dead isn't quite kosher.  Bring me a bacon sarnie for sure when that happenes...Again? 

March was a bust for me activity wise.  Weather.  Parents.  Lack of personal motivation.  Weather.  It all came together in a giant conflagration of inactivity.  Maybe February was too much catchup.  I enter April only 3 activities behind pace for 180.  Maybe I'm focusing too much on that.  Shrug. 

Finally some miles back on the MTB in March.  Accotink is back in seaason and we've been riding it the last 3 weeks of the month.  Well 2 for me as I missed the 1st week while in FL.  Using the old giant for even  bar/junk commuting was painful the front fork is so blown out I look at it from 50 paces and it compresses a third.  Getting on the sag is about 50% if I'm careful.  Full body weight isn't good.  And the rear brake has 0 modulation.  Though if I need to stop I can glare at it also and lay down some impressive skids!

April is going to be gonzo.  Commuting to work (1st day tomorrow, I hope) the big trip at the end of the month.  And taxes.


Well I"m off to finish preping for the ride tomorrow.  My goatee is trimmed at least. 

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