Monday, September 30, 2013

Jet Lagged

It's been a busy few weeks and now I'm heading into a VERY busy stretch here at work due to people on Vacation.  I think for most of Oct I'll be grinding at least 10 hour days plus being on call.  Ugh.

Good times this weekend starting with too much b33r on Friday though more moderate than last week by FAR.

Then my one of my roommate's rolled with me down to the Crystal City Diamond Derby.  It was a blast an he wants to try some single speeding.  We shall see if we can find him something cheap enough.  Looking at Performance's Langer stuff and bikesdirect for now.  He's a smaller guy and Craigslist is suprisingly light on small bikes currently.  Versus they have a glut of stuff for gangly tall people like me, since I'm not looking for myself.  Thanks Murphy!

Rebuild of road bike drive train a few weeks ago was a stunning success.  Still not sure if all the creaking was from pedals which definetely needed re-greasing (they spun 3x times versus Speedplay says 1 to 1.5 is normal.  2 means re-grease.  Or if it was cleaning and relubing the whole BB setup.  I think it was both.  Who knows?  It's quiet and I like it.

My mtb has really suffered this summer with Road and CX riding/commuting but my mileage is WAY up.  I'm over last years mileage just this summer.  Hoping to get out for a decent CCT haul south tonight after work. 

CCDD was a great event, with some cool stuff in the Open and some hard racing in the grand prix.  Didn't get to stay for the team event as my friends back was hurting from a  recent injury.  Lots of crazy costumes, with some very nice ladies for sure!  Good beer, cool people.  Was a tad warm, next time I'll wear shorts.  And next year maybe I'll race in the open category. 

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