Monday, October 07, 2013

Rainy after all

Seriously raining here today in DC.  Ma nature is getting brassed off the gov't is still shutdown me thinks.

Went into DC yesterday for some cycling around the monuments with Pete from Freshbikes Mosiac.  Good group and good times.  Crazy to see all the empty roads blocked off by barriers and monuments also.  You could have a pretty cool crit down there on the weekend safely right now instead of say Haines Pt.  It was a nice but somewhat ridiculous 40 mile ride.

Now that fall is coming in last week was my first longer MTB ride since the summer.  Going to start pushing harder on the rides and getting in good pre-rides.  13 Last week this week I'll push for a few more.  Though honestly I did stop not too long after 8.  With another 25 minutes I could have pushed out another 2 or more miles. 

Tough Mudder training continues.  Did a 4 on Satuday at lunch and felt like crap.  I need to feel WAY better on next weeks Saturday so maybe Thursday will be a lighter mtb day.  Ugh.

Also still have to figure out gear for the race.  I'm thinking I'm going to wear gloves. And right now I'm planning on a longsleeve tech woolie shirt for base layer. Legs I'm not sure about.  Might get a set of tech  tights.  Not sure.  Weather still isn't clear.  We are running above average so far. 

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