Wednesday, December 04, 2013

When is Nap Time?

Sometimes you just want to take a Nap.

Thats today's motto and yesterday's also I think.  Part of it is the push to get back into cycling habit from my slacking off in November.  I'm at 56 miles in the last 2 days.  Today I shall run I self declare.

Crap the weather Wed and Thurs is looking Shittier.  I may still ride in tomorrow,  but Thursday is now looking like a possible Plan B ride.

Cooked up a new batch of Skratch, this time finally doing the eggy things.  Turned out awesome and super easy due to greasing the muffin tin with my super secret ingredient.

Bacon Grease.

Next time I want to integrate the bacon and cheese more so I will actually add it at the mid-way point versus after like the book says.   Also adding a "crust" of rice or bread might help also.  Or I will use Extra Large Eggs.

Taking a down day on Wednesday.  My body needs a recharge after 3 days of pretty hard work following 2 weeks of low activity.   May roll into DC to see a friends band play The Brixton Tonight.

Rain Rain and Snow on Sunday!  Looking like Cap Cross CX at Lk Ffx may be a real interesting event.  I may ride out to watch the mayhem/insanity on Sunday. 

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