Thursday, November 28, 2013

It's important to remember what we have from time to time.

This has been a VERY rough year for a lot of friends for a gamut of reasons.  And today of all days makes me thankfull for a laundry list of items but not just limited to whats below:

The men and women in our services.  Doing there best to represent us and protect us. Especially those on deployment who can't be with their family's this holiday season. 

The men and women who server in our protective services, aka police, fire, rescue, etc.  These people are out doing incredibly hard jobs to keep us safe.  Remember that next time you get pulled over for breaking the law, even though you were only going 10 mph over!  :) 

For my health and most of my friends continued good health.  If nothing else it reminds me to make smart decisions about what I am comfortable with and where I move into risk exceeding the reward.  I want to live to bike/run/eat/drink tomorrow.  Is going that extra bit faster worth it?  Do you know who besides yourself your risks can impact?

For my continued employment, a lot of friends have lost jobs recently or left bad ones.  My job isn't awesome in someways but it continues to be stable and offer opportunity to make $$ if you are willing to work.

My friends.  What can I say, be they roommates, people I ride with regularly, people I ride with occasionally or new people I've gotten to meet thru out the year.  Watching a movie last night I was reminded of how important friendships are to keeping people on an even keel during the hard times. 

My family.  Family drives you nuts, but they are your roots always something I feel I can look back on and see the support they have provided over my life.  Sure there are twists and turns and they aren't always pretty. 

Good Beer.  'Nuff Said.

Shelter, Food, Clothing, Friends, Health and Stuff.  

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