Friday, May 02, 2014

I could have...

I could have ridden my bike home from Kilroy's after the TNR faster than I drove home.  Hell I woulda been home in 45 mins.  E$@%#@ VDOT had 3 of 4 lanes leading up to the Nutley Ave exist closed.  It forced 7 lanes of merging, into 1.  2 Hours to go from the 495N offramp to get to Nutley almost.  ARGH didn't get home till 12:20.  SOfa King Tired today now. 

The TNR ride was solid, we did the ICBMF Ride (Irish Car Bombs Mid Fairfax) ride.  We made a solid pace out there in about 45 mins, then once we hit the CCT we cranked HARD on the return ride back to Wakefield.  7 people made it a good group size. 

Irish Car Bombs are wayyyyy to easy to drink.  it's like adult yoo-hoo. 

No MTB Camp alas this year, stuck in training.

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