Monday, April 28, 2014

Trail Ouch and Ride Ahhh.

Trailwork yesterday has left me feeling like a burrito that has been riding all day in a bike messangers bag in New York.  We built a BIG ass semi burmed new turn.  By digging 3 massive dirt pits.  My teammate on the dig and I dug the biggest and deepest we got 5 feet deep in most of it.  I offered to bury some people in it, but alas was turned down.  There is also a nice half mile of new trail leading up to it.  At some point we will be forced to close the old trail section on the railroad property but not yet.  With 17 people out we got a TON done.  It's always surprising to see what big groups can do.

Looks like I'll be leading/co-leading a work day on May 10 at Wakefield.  Wakka Wakka Wakka as fozzy bear would say.

Riding my ass off the last 2 weeks.  7 hours ish of cycling the last 3 weeks.  Plus technically 4 hours of trailwork yesterday.  I'm a beast.  Slowly building fitness back but speed at least on the commute hasn't come but legs are TIRED.  Gonna try and get in a run tonight before it rains.  Tomorrow maybe a rest day or maybe Wednesday.  Not sure.  I'll be at 28/29 hours for the month not counting trail work as of tonight (33 with) which will  mean I flat out did as much time doing stuff in april as I did in the ENTIRE 1st quarter of 15+8+12 or very nearly. 

Just found out I'm getting screwed out of Spring Man Camp by a training class that just got moved to Tue-Fri instead of Mon-Thurs.  Fuck.  Fuckity Fuck.

Maybe I'll try Kill Bill on Saturday. hahahaha or at least the 1st third. 

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