Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Back on the Route Again...

Wayyyyyy back in early August I had a small mis-hap while commuting to work.  I was crossing a road and made a too sharp turn while going too slow.   Fell over in a majestic swan dive to the left.  Impacting near perfectly on top of my left shoulder leaving me with a broken collarbone and shoulder blade.  


I spent 7 weeks off the bike in total nearly.  Some of the best summer riding weather I've ever seen in the DC area wasted.  Sure I walked a bit but not enough.  And running hurt also due to strain on the collarbone.  Finally back on the bike in late September in time for the annual MORE camping trip.

Big Bear was a blast and I wasn't even doing a lot of the hard stuff.  And I gimped myself by pulling my back while setting up camp on Friday.  Still a great time. 

October I threw down and started pushing to get back into shape.  As in September I had committed to joining Bikenetic's CX Team at the lowest level of only 3 races.  A good thing as I'm still not yet in shape, as of right now.

But today was a major step forward.  Due to other commitments, weather and other stuff I've been putting off/avoiding getting back on the Bianchi and commuting to work. 

Today I just did it.  Well after much agonizing and some worrying with a side of minor panic.  And it was fine.  Great weather.  Sure traffic was a bit more as I was running a tad late.  And zoom in a went.  No mishaps. No rude drivers.  Legs feeling a bit spun out from last nights ride but thats okay.  And a nice ride home to come. 

What was a shocking to me was the level of panic/fear I was having towards the ride.  I've done tons of mixed riding and road and mtb since getting back on the bike, yet my 7.5 mile commute had me way wound up.  I stopped, took a few breathes and re-assured myself everything would be fine.

Way more people out at 8:00 than my more typical 7-7:15 commutes.   Probably a dozen or more bikers.  Though maybe it's the weather.  We shall see on Friday when I commute again.  Maybe next week I'll get back to 3x commutes....hahahaha. 

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